Corey Booker Is About To Risk It All…Drops Receipts On ‘Em (we got the emails…)

Corey Booker must have been in full Nike gear today when he decided to sacrifice everything for what he believes in.  And what does he believe?  That Kavanaugh (Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Justice) is a racist that should not hold one of the most important seats in the  American justice system.

He believes it SO much that he has released confidential internal government emails to the public, so we can see exactly who Kavanaugh is, and more importantly, how this nation works to separate us based on race.

Corey understands that releasing these documents means he could be expelled from the Senate… but he took the Nike stance and said “fuck it. just do it.”

“I’m knowingly violating the rules,” Mr. Booker said, adding that he would accept whatever consequences resulted from his act, including possible expulsion from the Senate. “I’m releasing committee confidential documents.”

“This is about the closest I’ll ever come in my life to having an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment’,” Mr. Booker said. When Republicans on the committee said he was in violation of the standing rules of the Senate, he said: “Apply the rule. Bring the charges.” – NY TIMES

So without further ado, here are the documents.

Power to the People.

Another Day, Another Black Woman Mauled And Sexually Assaulted By Police

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“The most disrespected woman in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman. We will kill you for our women I’m making it plain yes, we will kill you for our women. We believe that if the white man will do whatever is necessary to see that his woman get respect and protection, then you and I will never be recognized as men until we stand up like men and put the same penalty over the head of anyone who puts his filthy hands out.. to put it in a direction of our women.”


This happened at the Waffle House – Saraland Al 2am April 22nd 2018

“Waffle House employee tried to charge Clemons 50 cents for plastic utensils as she rang up her order. Clemons refused to pay for the utensils, saying that she had never previously been charged for them, and the employee responded by canceling her order, according to Clemons-Howard. Clemons asked for the district manager’s contact information, and while she was waiting for the employee to bring the district manager’s business card, the police arrived.”source:

Dear MadMen,

I am tired of watching Black women be continuously disgraced, and discarded.

This Black woman was viciously attacked by police… she was stripped of her clothing, choked, turned over and assaulted … her breasts dragged on a filthy public restaurant floor while the other women cry out.

A white man at the counter looks on… disinterested.. and continues eating.



Address: 716 Saraland Blvd S, Saraland, AL 36571


China Will Make It Rain… Literally

Happy April MadMen,

So speaking of keeping an ear to the ground, it is being reported that China will be making it rain… yes,  REAL rain. Remember all those conspiracy theories about “weather control” that you laughed about?  Well, China is getting the last laugh as it launches what they call “cloud seeding chambers” (space-age chambers filled with silver iodide) into the sky to impregnate clouds with liquid gold over the Tibetian sky.

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The process, called “cloud seeding”, invented by a GE scientist in ’46, has been manipulating weather for folks who can afford it for decades (#Message), but the technology was never extended or subsidized to the areas of the earth that need it the most.

Now China has figured out a way to make it rain for everyone… well actually 7% of China’s population (but it’s better than zero).  At $8k a pop, large clouds of rain will be created and funneled into the Tibetan Plateau, the most drought striken area on earth.

While the new technology can be used to help affected regions receive sustenance to help with food creation and prevent starvation, understand the technolgy is developed by the defense department…the US and Russia have been trying to scale their own weather manipulation systems to skew their advangtage on the battle field since the technology was created..  scary.


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How Hip Hop Changed The Politics of Katrina

We will always love Kanye for taking a stand for Black people during Katrina…. Ten years later we see how prolific this moment was …

The powers that be tend to underestimate the power and influence of the Hip Hop nation. With just seven words, Kanye, “a rapper”, was able to make President Bush get on a plane and actually “Go help” (or at least look like he was helping) the Black people of New Orleans.

Even though FEMA dropped the ball and many Black folk remain displaced even 10 years later, it is ONLY because of Kanye that it is even in the public conversation.

The natives of HipHoplandia have always been a restless bunch. From “Fight The Power” to “Fuck Da Police” to George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, the native sons and daughters of Hip Hop are the ones who will eventually determine the landscape of how the WORLD thinks and responds. Watch.

#DontSleep #HipHop

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