Corey Booker Is About To Risk It All…Drops Receipts On ‘Em (we got the emails…)

Corey Booker must have been in full Nike gear today when he decided to sacrifice everything for what he believes in.  And what does he believe?  That Kavanaugh (Trump’s pick for Supreme Court Justice) is a racist that should not hold one of the most important seats in the  American justice system.

He believes it SO much that he has released confidential internal government emails to the public, so we can see exactly who Kavanaugh is, and more importantly, how this nation works to separate us based on race.

Corey understands that releasing these documents means he could be expelled from the Senate… but he took the Nike stance and said “fuck it. just do it.”

“I’m knowingly violating the rules,” Mr. Booker said, adding that he would accept whatever consequences resulted from his act, including possible expulsion from the Senate. “I’m releasing committee confidential documents.”

“This is about the closest I’ll ever come in my life to having an ‘I am Spartacus’ moment’,” Mr. Booker said. When Republicans on the committee said he was in violation of the standing rules of the Senate, he said: “Apply the rule. Bring the charges.” – NY TIMES

So without further ado, here are the documents.

Power to the People.


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How Hip Hop Changed The Politics of Katrina

We will always love Kanye for taking a stand for Black people during Katrina…. Ten years later we see how prolific this moment was …

The powers that be tend to underestimate the power and influence of the Hip Hop nation. With just seven words, Kanye, “a rapper”, was able to make President Bush get on a plane and actually “Go help” (or at least look like he was helping) the Black people of New Orleans.

Even though FEMA dropped the ball and many Black folk remain displaced even 10 years later, it is ONLY because of Kanye that it is even in the public conversation.

The natives of HipHoplandia have always been a restless bunch. From “Fight The Power” to “Fuck Da Police” to George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, the native sons and daughters of Hip Hop are the ones who will eventually determine the landscape of how the WORLD thinks and responds. Watch.

#DontSleep #HipHop

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BUSTED! Pedophile NYPD Cops Caught Trying To Abduct 14 year Old Girls Off The Street – Women In The Community Fight Them And Save The Girls!!!

BUSTED : NYPD pedophiles caught red handing preparing to abduct 14 year old minor girls off the street in broad daylight. The WOMEN of the community step in to stop the abduction (and possible rape) of the young girls.

You do not have sufficient freedom levels to view this video. Support free software and upgrade.

The 2 girls were standing at a light and the officers CLAIM that the 7 year old in their care pushed the emergency call button on the pole … prompting them to jump out of their unmarked car in plainclothes to throw the biggest (and more attractive one) into the car. But the two little girls refuse and the neighborhood comes to the rescue. 

Women in the neighborhood have often been the subject of sexual harassment and abuse by the NYPD. Now they got these mofo’s on tape proving how they assault our women and young girls.

Shouts out to the FEARLESS women who said enough is enough.

Share this video to raise the courage of the people to continue to stand up to these pedophiles in uniform and stop the abuse of our people.

This will be updated as more information becomes available.

Texas Votes To Back Reparations for Slavery : White Folk Everywhere Have A Collective Heart Attack

in today’s good news….

MadMan of the year. We ain’t mad at him

Someone stand up and give John Wiley Price, Texas’ ONLY Black commissioner a got-damn standing ovation.  He got the Dallas County Commissioners Court to back monetary reparations for  the descendants of slaves.

Wiley presented to the commissioner’s court the “Juneteenth Resolution” which stated “The United States of America is derelict in its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to the African American people,” Price said. “Be it further resolved that the dereliction that has caused 400 years of significant… suffering to the descendants of those who have been enslaved Africans who built this country, should be satisfied with monetary and substantial reparations to same.”

The other white commissioners, hearing only that Wiley was talking about “Black stuff regarding something about slavery” barely paid attention, playing on computers, and goofing off.  When the resolution was read, the disinterested  lawmakers seconded the motion, making the resolution official.

You can only imagine the craziness and back pedaling that resulted.  The Raw Story reports  that the white commissioners, realizing later what had just happened, had to save face and explain why the hell they weren’t paying attention at the same time.  One commissioner changed his vote to “abstain” while the others laughed it off and said it was only “ceremonial” and not to be taken seriously.

Here is my problem with all this.  We know white lawmakers do not want Black people to benefit from the legacy of slavery.  This is nothing new.  What bothers me is the back pedaling… the OBVIOUS back pedaling.  It is beyond insulting and degrading and an insult to the intelligence of Black people everywhere.

Shouts out to Commissioner Wiley for being the smartest man in the room.