Man Shot 16 Times While Livestreaming on Facebook in Chicago

It is really hard to be mad at folks about the term “Black on Black” crime, when one Black man is shot dead by another Black man in cold blood.  We all saw it. LIVE.

Because the victim was streaming live and chatting with his social media network when he was shot 16 times

in cold blood

in broad daylight

in the street

in front of everybody.

The last image the victim sees is the sky holding up a bold STOP sign.

The victim had previously been incarcerated for taking someone else’s life.. the cycle continues.

Open Letter to White Women, Black Men, White Men and every-f*cking-body in general

Dear WHITE WOMEN, BLACK MEN, WHITE MEN and everybody in general,

Black women are not a prop for your:

-financial status
-beauty standards
-examples of whats wrong with YOU
-lack of education
-double standards
-sexual pleasure
-condescending attitudes
-intellectual fetiches
-body image issues
-lack of success
-material obsessions
-lack of commitment
-abortion clinics
-undercover homosexuality
-venereal disease

That is all.

Cha Boogie ©wyms2016

PS.  I’m not done… this list will get longer.

The Last Living Survivor of The Lynching of John Hartfield Speaks

The news spread around town like a 5 alarm fire.  Finally, the man named as John Hartfield had been caught and would be given a public execution for the crime of having a relationship with a white woman.

actual postcard souvenir from the lynching of John Hartfield

The newspaper ran the headline “John Hartfield will be lynched by Ellsville mob at 5’clock this afternoon.”  Excluded from the article was any cry for a trial or due diligence… just that Mr. Hartfield would be turned over to the citizens and burned alive.  The post carried the details of the execution as if it were a party invitation.  The Governor at the time, said he was powerless to do anything because white folks were flocking in by the thousands to attend the public murder…men, women and children.  It was a family event.

A real Pick-a-nigga spectacle.

The people were told that John Hatfield had raped this woman, because what white woman in her right mind would lie with a Black man willingly?

After John was hung by the neck, riddled with bullets, burned alive, and then had his lifeless body drug by horse in the street for people to spit on and throw things at… the Black people of the town cowered in fear and terror for their own lives.

John Hartsfield’s best friend, Kirkland, who was also implicated by association, barely missed the same fate as his friend.  He got his family the hell out of town on the first thing smoking as soon as word got out that his friend and his white lady love had been discovered.  Kirkland, begged Hartsfield not to go back to town.. to forget that white woman..death wasn’t worth it.

But what John didn’t know is that love don’t conquer all.  He went back. The moment he was captured, beaten and taken to jail …the realization sunk in.  The newspapers, in their glee, reported “Negro jerky and sullen as burning hour approaches“.

Many Black people left and never returned to that town.  The ones that stayed lived under terror the likes that has never been experienced by any American captured by al-Qaeda.

The last survivor of the fateful occurrence, Ms. Mamie Kirkland (the daughter of Hartfield’s best friend), was recently interviewed about the terror and horror of that time and particularly that day. To read about it is one thing.. but to hear the testimony from someone who remembers the terror exacted upon Black Americans by fellow white Americans is chilling to the core.

Slavery and the resulting terror attacks will forever stain the consciousness of this country… and it should.  It is also fair warning about what humans are capable of doing to each other just because of a skin color or religion.

We remind you of these real events to prevent us from falling back into old ways, to keep our guard up and to raise the bar on our human expectation.


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How Hip Hop Changed The Politics of Katrina

We will always love Kanye for taking a stand for Black people during Katrina…. Ten years later we see how prolific this moment was …

The powers that be tend to underestimate the power and influence of the Hip Hop nation. With just seven words, Kanye, “a rapper”, was able to make President Bush get on a plane and actually “Go help” (or at least look like he was helping) the Black people of New Orleans.

Even though FEMA dropped the ball and many Black folk remain displaced even 10 years later, it is ONLY because of Kanye that it is even in the public conversation.

The natives of HipHoplandia have always been a restless bunch. From “Fight The Power” to “Fuck Da Police” to George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, the native sons and daughters of Hip Hop are the ones who will eventually determine the landscape of how the WORLD thinks and responds. Watch.

#DontSleep #HipHop

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BUSTED! Pedophile NYPD Cops Caught Trying To Abduct 14 year Old Girls Off The Street – Women In The Community Fight Them And Save The Girls!!!

BUSTED : NYPD pedophiles caught red handing preparing to abduct 14 year old minor girls off the street in broad daylight. The WOMEN of the community step in to stop the abduction (and possible rape) of the young girls.

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The 2 girls were standing at a light and the officers CLAIM that the 7 year old in their care pushed the emergency call button on the pole … prompting them to jump out of their unmarked car in plainclothes to throw the biggest (and more attractive one) into the car. But the two little girls refuse and the neighborhood comes to the rescue. 

Women in the neighborhood have often been the subject of sexual harassment and abuse by the NYPD. Now they got these mofo’s on tape proving how they assault our women and young girls.

Shouts out to the FEARLESS women who said enough is enough.

Share this video to raise the courage of the people to continue to stand up to these pedophiles in uniform and stop the abuse of our people.

This will be updated as more information becomes available.

The Truth About George Zimmerman aka “Thugalicious”

written by MadMan Juan Richardson

On May 11, 2015, George Zimmerman suffered facial injuries from flying glass while being shot at by Matthew Apperson, shattering the passenger side window of his vehicle. Apparently he had crossed paths with the shooter previously in a road rage incident eight months ago (no charges were filed).

When this news broke, I’m sure plenty of people smirked, shook their head in disgust and thought to themselves that karma had finally caught up with George Zimmerman for being acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I disagree. I don’t think this was karma. This is just another milestone in the life cycle of a thug.

George Zimmerman is about that Thug Life folks. He is the perfect example of a thug: he gets into fights with police, beats on his wife and holds her hostage, punches his father-in-law, points shotguns at his girlfriend, gets into road rage incidents, get arrested, make bail, and shoots unarmed teenagers just cause they’re getting their ass kicked in a fair fight. Oh, and get shot at.

Now you can’t fault George Zimmerman. He is only doing what comes naturally to him. I blame the justice system and the victims who fail to have him prosecuted. These arrests are not gonna stop him from doing what he do. If anything, it will empower him to do more.

There are only two ways to stop a thug: death and jail time. Mr. Matthew Apperson failed in that regard, but the second option was presented multiple times since 2005. Do these folks in the Florida justice system realize that he is a thug? He has no pity, or remorse. And he absolutely will not stop until he is dead or in jail for an extended period of time.

The town of Lake Mary has failed its citizens by not removing this menace to society off the street. It will continue until one of the aforementioned things happen. If people would look at him as a thug and not some guy with anger issues, he wouldn’t be on the streets terrorizing whoever he crossed paths with.

Otherwise it’s going to be “ Thug 4 Life”!!!