Behold Your King : Government Releases The Dossier Used To Justify MLK’s Assassination

When the government of this great nation decides you are to be terminated, it does not just simply happen with a lone gunman on a roof all willy nilly.  There are designated steps to ensure the look of logical thought was applied to eradicate troublemakers, communists, or anyone going against the status quo.

In order they are:

  1. research
  2. surveillance
  3. reports
  4. approval
  5.  sign off

and finally… execution.

Most important to note, and the most curious of these, are the reports or dossiers.  These documents are written record of the justification of an evil act.  The government holds these documents “secret” for many many years (usually 2 generations) so no one person on can be held in contempt or sued for carrying out the will of the government.

The most recent dossier comes from the previously unreleased “JFK” files.  After years of following Martin Luther King, the government busybodies finished their “report” on King.  A 20 page document that summarized their justifications for eliminating the most powerful leader (Black or white) the world had ever seen.

The report ” Martin Luther King, A Current Analysis” was released on March 12th 1968, King was eliminated April 4, 1968 – 3 weeks later.

Read the full report for yourself … and before you jump in on the orgies and baby momma claims, just remember you are reading the justification a jealous and obsessed man (Hoover aka certified Hater) made for killing an American citizen who galvanized millions to stand up for themselves using non-violence, who could have won a presidency and who was about to begin the campaign for ECONOMIC empowerment for Black people in America (this is some biblical shyt if you really think about it.)


Russia, South Korea and China Form Super Team – America on the Brink of Large Scale Conflict.

in today’s “Bad policy” news…

I have been resting my twitter fingers in regards to the current situation between the US and North Korea… until today.  You see, today Putin (aka Mr. Russia), stood up and said  said he is sick and tired of all the “tough talk” coming from Trump.

Reading his statement today, I remembered his close friendship with Trump… a friendship that ended just the other day when trump FIRED the entire Russian embassy over something that still has yet to be explained. Now 3 days later, Russia is siding with North Korea and China.

Not good y’all.  Not good.  Putin said the situation.. and i quote “is balancing on the brink of large-scale conflict”.  Guess whose side he will be on should this large scale conflict occur?

Here is Putin’s statement:

The situation on the Korean Peninsula, where tensions have grown recently, is balancing on the brink of a large-scale conflict. Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile..

The region’s problems should only be settled through a direct dialogue of all the parties concerned without any preconditions.

Provocations, pressure and militarist and insulting rhetoric are a dead-end road

Yea… I’m gonna need Trump to fall back with his mouthpiece.  His reckless talking is gonna get us all killed.  China and everyone else has already sanctioned North Korea up the ying-yang… no imports of coal, iron or seafood will reach their lands until they concede (which, according to Russia, is illegal, over the top and unnecessary ).  But North Korea continues to stand their ground saying “Fuck shrimp! Ya’ll out here playing war games in front of my house with my enemy and you want me to give up my only defense? FOH”.

The Russian Foreign minister made sure he added salt to the festering wound by dropping this bomb:  “We know that Americans are talking with representatives of Pyongyang via some semi-secret, semi-official, semi-academic channel…. We have a common goal – denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, so that neither the North nor the South, the US and us [Russia] have nuclear weapons…”

I imagine Trump seeing the words “semi-academic” and heading straight for the red button.

The solution North Korea wants?  Stop the war games.  The solution everyone wants (so they say) is for all parties to talk it out.  But Trump is not hearing that. He already stated earlier in the week that “talking is not the answer” and ALL options are on the table in dealing with North Korea (fire and fury).

Shyt may just be about to get real. Fasten your seat belts.


Man Shot 16 Times While Livestreaming on Facebook in Chicago

It is really hard to be mad at folks about the term “Black on Black” crime, when one Black man is shot dead by another Black man in cold blood.  We all saw it. LIVE.

Because the victim was streaming live and chatting with his social media network when he was shot 16 times

in cold blood

in broad daylight

in the street

in front of everybody.

The last image the victim sees is the sky holding up a bold STOP sign.

The victim had previously been incarcerated for taking someone else’s life.. the cycle continues.

Open Letter to White Women, Black Men, White Men and every-f*cking-body in general

Dear WHITE WOMEN, BLACK MEN, WHITE MEN and everybody in general,

Black women are not a prop for your:

-financial status
-beauty standards
-examples of whats wrong with YOU
-lack of education
-double standards
-sexual pleasure
-condescending attitudes
-intellectual fetiches
-body image issues
-lack of success
-material obsessions
-lack of commitment
-abortion clinics
-undercover homosexuality
-venereal disease

That is all.

Cha Boogie ©wyms2016

PS.  I’m not done… this list will get longer.


written by MadMan J Scarlett

On the Road to Flint …

Flint Water Tower

On my day off, I decided to take a quick ride up to Flint being its close proximity to my own town. In the past, I’ve heard numerous folk tales about Flint being the murder capital behind Detroit or the fact that Flint is rarely spoken about in the media for anything positive, so a road trip was necessary to observe what all the media hype was about .

Arriving in Flint, the first thing that I observed other than the gigantic water tower, is the massive buildings within the downtown area . There are cobblestone streets , two massive rival university campuses and even a Farmer’s Market . There’s two communal structures for the residents (YMCA and YWCA) which express the need for racial eradication and then the aesthetically pleasing Flint River with numerous buttresses and Aqueducts that admonish the beautification of the area . Even as I pull over at the nearest BP gas station , I am the only black guy to be pumping my gas while surrounded by twelve delighted Caucasian men..

Then it hit me…I’m not actually in Flint…I’m in Flint-to-be.

Cases of Bottled water stand ready for disbursement outside a Flint, MI Church

See as I decided to drive six miles south to the beginning of Flint and the old excavated site where the General Motors plant used to be , off of Lippincourt Boulevard and Atherton Road , there is a very different Flint ; the real Flint . Abandoned homes, liquor-guns-pawn shops all in unison like a church choir . Speaking of churches , they’ve now become the refugee station, where bottled water is simultaneously dropped off and received to gracious inhabitants who seemingly weren’t even in existence of my mind frame until I departed from the shadows of Downtown Flint.

These discarded negroes…many satisfactory in appearance , affably retrieving bottles of Aquafina and Dasani as rations in order to fulfill their daily or weekly quota for survival ; it begins to snow outside. The further deep into Flint that I traveled , the more I observed something so familiarly similar to most desecrated neighborhoods that I’ve visited ; nothingness.

It is blatantly obvious that after Center Road and the beginning of Lippincourt Boulevard , that something of precedence commenced . As a matter of fact , since 1999 , when the layoff of 77,000 workers was initiated by General Motors , this something began to transpire …

Similar to Chicago, Baltimore, Ferguson, and New Orleans, a negro Auschwitz existed . A land mass that not only existed for temporary investment but to be vacated for permanent and historical gentrification along with genetic annihilation. These new negroes… Ultimately were The offspring of proud fathers and mothers who broke their backs aimlessly in order to provide a level of financial sustainability in a city’s whose intent was to provide an interim fix to an indefinite mindset; they never saw it coming . And like often times throughout history , the same individuals whom strip humanity from the alleged miscreants, are the same ones to innocently creep back and apply a level of mental salve to ease the traumatic pain…

Seven miles north, I converse with a Caucasian resident who states that “homes must be improved for the sake of Flint’s preservation– this is an investment that I won’t be denied “. He’s right , he won’t be denied . Perhaps this reluctant catastrophic water event was not only planned but awaited upon , because the city was becoming way to dirty; it required an ethnic cleansing …

Speaking of…next week is the anniversary of Slobodan Milosevic’s trial in The Hague for war crimes against humanity . Maybe that’s why there’s limited press in Flint … Because if we were to charge folk with war crimes in this city as well as this country, then The Hague’s jail cells would be overcrowded with the same proprietors who caused overcrowded within Flint’s jail cells during its initial decline…

How Black People Support Slavery in Modern Times – DAILY!! – Must Read

in today’s “bad policy” and GTFOHWTBS’ news…

the NEW slave ships…

The 13th amendment abolishes slavery except for the punishment of crimes; effectively making ANYONE inside a prison complex a slave to the United States of America.  The 13th amendment effectively ended the privatization of the human flesh trade and brought it under federal oversight.

Now they call it fancy names like “mass incarceration” and the “prison industrial complex” – for the many people that pass through those walls, it is a combination of slavery and sharecropping, 21st century style.

And we the American public – especially Black people (who make up the largest percentage of “new slaves” in prison), gleefully support the insidious institution knowingly, while feigning ignorance.  Don’t believe me?

Here is a list of the corporations who are the new overseers for the federal government (this list is compiled from US Uncut and Atlanta Black Star) that you support each and every day…

  • the modern day overseer

    Whole Foods : Pays inmates .74 per day to raise fish.  They then turn around and sell it to the “free” public for $12 per pound. (UPDATE: Shortly after this article was published, Whole Foods caved under social media scrutiny and informed the public they would be cancelling all contracts with the prison industry…no update as to whether this actually happened.  They have not revealed the name of the new supplier.)

  • McDonalds : Inmates sew all the uniforms for the megafood chain and process their food as well. (it’s very creepy when you know a pedophile like Jared had his hands on the burger in your kid’s happy meal.)
  • Wal-Mart : They REALLY take it back to the plantation days of old, having prisoners, work the produce field (just like cotton fields – now known as prison farms) sun up to sun down for pennies a day.
  • Victoria Secret : The secret is out.  We knew by watching the new season of “Orange Is The New Black” that they have prisoners sewing together lace undies for privileged women… even going to far as to switch out the “Made in Honduras” tags to “Made In America” tags … as if the panties were made with pride in the spirit of Betsy Ross.  #FOH
  • Aramark : Yes.. the food truck that supplies your precious Timmy with lunch at school… controls the food service in the majority if the US prisons.  They figure it is helpful if little DeShawn & Timmy grows up with prison food – they are trying to train them early.
  • AT&T : For $2 a day, prison inmates man the call centers at the biggest and richest telecomm service provider in America.  They laid thousands of Americans off in 93 and rehired them at third world costs once those same unemployed Americans took to crime because they lost their jobs with the company (ain’t THAT a bitch?)
  • BP : Guess who cleaned up that oil spill?  You guessed it Black inmates. Exclusively. No pay, No protection from the chemicals… just a hearty “go clean that shyt up”.  the propaganda you saw on TV of them hiring residents and the like was just that… propaganda.  No sane person, under his own will, is going to clean up toxic waste – even WITH protective gear.
  • Fidelity Investments : Got a 401k?  you might want to check your options.  The company invests heavily in prison labor and provides massive returns to investors.  So all you corporate Black folk who are proud of our retirement plans should know that (depending on your options) you are banking your retirement on 2015…on the backs of your people.

The irony is, the majority of companies listed above are STAPLES in the Black community.  See how that works?  We are supporting the enslavement of our own people.  Millions of jobs that could be given to help keep our young men and women off the street are only waiting for them if they sign their freedom away.

Signing ones freedom away is inevitable, if one doesn’t have a way to financially support himself or his family.  Black people are living in a perpetual catch 22 and are doing nothing to change it.  We can’t claim ignorance anymore.

So know that it has been laid out for you bare –  in plain English… what will you do?  Will you put your finances BACK into your communities and create jobs and resources akin to BEFORE integration?  Or will you willingly participate in your own financial genocide?

Black people are the capitalist’s cash cow ….. and they go willingly to the slaughter” – C R Capers