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China Will Make It Rain… Literally

Happy April MadMen,

So speaking of keeping an ear to the ground, it is being reported that China will be making it rain… yes,  REAL rain. Remember all those conspiracy theories about “weather control” that you laughed about?  Well, China is getting the last laugh as it launches what they call “cloud seeding chambers” (space-age chambers filled with silver iodide) into the sky to impregnate clouds with liquid gold over the Tibetian sky.

The process, called “cloud seeding”, invented by a GE scientist in ’46, has been manipulating weather for folks who can afford it for decades (#Message), but the technology was never extended or subsidized to the areas of the earth that need it the most.

Now China has figured out a way to make it rain for everyone… well actually 7% of China’s population (but it’s better than zero).  At $8k a pop, large clouds of rain will be created and funneled into the Tibetan Plateau, the most drought striken area on earth.

While the new technology can be used to help affected regions receive sustenance to help with food creation and prevent starvation, understand the technolgy is developed by the defense department…the US and Russia have been trying to scale their own weather manipulation systems to skew their advangtage on the battle field since the technology was created..  scary.

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