Behold Your King : Government Releases The Dossier Used To Justify MLK’s Assassination

When the government of this great nation decides you are to be terminated, it does not just simply happen with a lone gunman on a roof all willy nilly.  There are designated steps to ensure the look of logical thought was applied to eradicate troublemakers, communists, or anyone going against the status quo.

In order they are:

  1. research
  2. surveillance
  3. reports
  4. approval
  5.  sign off

and finally… execution.

Most important to note, and the most curious of these, are the reports or dossiers.  These documents are written record of the justification of an evil act.  The government holds these documents “secret” for many many years (usually 2 generations) so no one person on can be held in contempt or sued for carrying out the will of the government.

The most recent dossier comes from the previously unreleased “JFK” files.  After years of following Martin Luther King, the government busybodies finished their “report” on King.  A 20 page document that summarized their justifications for eliminating the most powerful leader (Black or white) the world had ever seen.

The report ” Martin Luther King, A Current Analysis” was released on March 12th 1968, King was eliminated April 4, 1968 – 3 weeks later.

Read the full report for yourself … and before you jump in on the orgies and baby momma claims, just remember you are reading the justification a jealous and obsessed man (Hoover aka certified Hater) made for killing an American citizen who galvanized millions to stand up for themselves using non-violence, who could have won a presidency and who was about to begin the campaign for ECONOMIC empowerment for Black people in America (this is some biblical shyt if you really think about it.)