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Open Letter to White Women, Black Men, White Men and every-f*cking-body in general


Dear WHITE WOMEN, BLACK MEN, WHITE MEN and everybody in general,

Black women are not a prop for your:

-financial status
-beauty standards
-examples of whats wrong with YOU
-lack of education
-double standards
-sexual pleasure
-condescending attitudes
-intellectual fetiches
-body image issues
-lack of success
-material obsessions
-lack of commitment
-abortion clinics
-undercover homosexuality
-venereal disease

That is all.

Cha Boogie ©wyms2016

PS.  I’m not done… this list will get longer.


  • white women never think of black women at all. I think you need them to . and everything you say is about you
    the white woman even in that pornish looking photo doesn’t even seem to NOTICE the black woman(who placed HERSELF under the chair to have an identity) so its an accurate photo of how white women feel
    also the black dresses like a clown ho to get attention and white is dressed nice,classy and totally oblivious!!! that’s how reality is
    the only time I ever hear white women care what black women think are on these blogs
    not one case in anyone’s real life has ever existed. no one has ever heard of this
    I saw it in my email lol and was like wha?????????????????
    never ever ever
    not even on my WORST day,cant even imagine it if I had to fake it I cant…
    white women never needed props
    I can understand not wanting to be one
    the white womans props in that photo are her clothes and the desk
    I see the black woman as something that put herself there for attention and STILL isn’t noticed as the picture does well depict .
    if you were smart you would have chose a photo that better depicts what you were saying
    not one that says the opposite
    one dressed for work
    one dressed for ghetto strip club
    classy and not noticing
    and black grieving over it……with scrunched up face
    THAT IS accurate
    whites are tired of it so we will stay classy and non chalant as the pic
    so keep dressing half naked in an office setting and be useless under a chair and NOT IN IT
    props are desk and chair
    there is just an OUT OF PLACE “element” in the pic
    an unkempt black women who needs to get up from under that chair.. put some clothes on and get a job
    in the other room and mind her own business.

    if that was under MY chair id get an exterminator
    maybe it IS better to pretend its not there and just keep smiling
    doesn’t look like something worthy of acknowledging
    (topless too lol)
    I know she was there before the white woman sat down ahhahaa

    God doesn’t like this circus
    He will end this

  • so mad

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