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Anatomy of the Black Conscious THOT

the revolution of the mind continues…

if we are to progress as a people, we gotta get rid of the thots in our midst..

Before the Holiday break, the MadMen exposed the Black conscious f*ckboy. You downloaded the podcast in droves and told us we also needed to expose the flip side.

You ask, we provide. So this week, we tackle the Black conscious thot… you know this chick… always at the meeting, titties out, hitting up your man on the side to meet up and “build”. She has the leader’s dick pic (and your homeboy’s too) in her phone and will destroy all community progress with one instagram post.

These thots are beautiful, flexible and dangerous. You know who they are… time to put a case on ’em.

Tuesday @ 10pm

click the pic below to hear the LIVE broadcast 


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