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#BlackMoneyMatters – An Interesting Look at How We Really Spend Our Money

in today’s news…

I came across the infographic below and HAD to share it.  It seems we have money for everything – except what matters… education, health and welfare, and sustainable energy.


Now when I look at this with just my Black people lenses on .. I notice that the top category for Black people (if skewed by race )  would be “Anything Asian – chinese food, weaves, clothes, and hair care products.”

I am on a real kick to promote #BlackMoneyMatters … because.. well… it does.

You want our LIVES to matter? Then understand that regardless of  how you think the world should be, you must operate on how it IS… and in these days and times, your financial health is the barometer of your life points.

Sad but true.

In the immortal and timeless words of the prophets of everything holy, the Wu-Tang Klan

Cash Rules Everything Around Me


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