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Little Boy Blue : the curious case of Kalief Browder

The revolution of the mind continues.

We only have one question:

Who is responsible for the death of Kalief Browder?

Kalief came back n to the public consciousness this week when the troubled youth committed suicide after battling demons created when he was unlawfully held on Riker’s Island for over THREE years – WITHOUT A TRIAL for a crime he did not commit.

Thrown in prison in the prime of his teenage years, Kalief suffered horrifying abuse from the inmates and guards alike and spent the majority of his time in the infamous prison in solitary confinement.  He was eventually released after his case came into the national spotlight, causing government officials to call for widespread changes to how prisoners are treated.

With donors paying his tuition, Kalief seemed to be on the right track when he was released, but continued to have psychotic episodes.

He succumbed to them and ended his short life.. unable to live with the damage done to him another day.

Who should go down for this?

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