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BUSTED! Pedophile NYPD Cops Caught Trying To Abduct 14 year Old Girls Off The Street – Women In The Community Fight Them And Save The Girls!!!

BUSTED : NYPD pedophiles caught red handing preparing to abduct 14 year old minor girls off the street in broad daylight. The WOMEN of the community step in to stop the abduction (and possible rape) of the young girls.

imageThe 2 girls were standing at a light and the officers CLAIM that the 7 year old in their care pushed the emergency call button on the pole … prompting them to jump out of their unmarked car in plainclothes to throw the biggest (and more attractive one) into the car. But the two little girls refuse and the neighborhood comes to the rescue. 

Women in the neighborhood have often been the subject of sexual harassment and abuse by the NYPD. Now they got these mofo’s on tape proving how they assault our women and young girls.

Shouts out to the FEARLESS women who said enough is enough.

Share this video to raise the courage of the people to continue to stand up to these pedophiles in uniform and stop the abuse of our people.

This will be updated as more information becomes available.


  • OMG SERIOUSLY?! These POSs are pedo rapists?! When i saw that video it did seem the pedos were acting kinda timid. Usually cops just slam ppl against the car or ground & take them. But the other guy who wasn’t the one trying to grab the girl was acting as if he wanted the other one to just give up. As if he was nervous. At the time I thought he was just nervous becuz he knew they were wrong in the first place by trying to arrest the girl. But apparently he was nervous becuz he was afraid of all the ruckus calling attention to them!! Omg!! How terrifying!

  • so nice i signed up twice

    • and i notice that none of them flashed a badge or anything,the otherone standing there very arrogantly,sarcatically popping ish…smh

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