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The Truth About George Zimmerman aka “Thugalicious”

written by MadMan Juan Richardson

On May 11, 2015, George Zimmerman suffered facial injuries from flying glass while being shot at by Matthew Apperson, shattering the passenger side window of his vehicle. Apparently he had crossed paths with the shooter previously in a road rage incident eight months ago (no charges were filed).

george-zimmermanWhen this news broke, I’m sure plenty of people smirked, shook their head in disgust and thought to themselves that karma had finally caught up with George Zimmerman for being acquitted in the murder of Trayvon Martin.

I disagree. I don’t think this was karma. This is just another milestone in the life cycle of a thug.

George Zimmerman is about that Thug Life folks. He is the perfect example of a thug: he gets into fights with police, beats on his wife and holds her hostage, punches his father-in-law, points shotguns at his girlfriend, gets into road rage incidents, get arrested, make bail, and shoots unarmed teenagers just cause they’re getting their ass kicked in a fair fight. Oh, and get shot at.

Now you can’t fault George Zimmerman. He is only doing what comes naturally to him. I blame the justice system and the victims who fail to have him prosecuted. These arrests are not gonna stop him from doing what he do. If anything, it will empower him to do more.

There are only two ways to stop a thug: death and jail time. Mr. Matthew Apperson failed in that regard, but the second option was presented multiple times since 2005. Do these folks in the Florida justice system realize that he is a thug? He has no pity, or remorse. And he absolutely will not stop until he is dead or in jail for an extended period of time.

The town of Lake Mary has failed its citizens by not removing this menace to society off the street. It will continue until one of the aforementioned things happen. If people would look at him as a thug and not some guy with anger issues, he wouldn’t be on the streets terrorizing whoever he crossed paths with.

Otherwise it’s going to be “ Thug 4 Life”!!!

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