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Black Lives Matter Sometimes : The Curious Case of Granny Get Your Gun

the revolution of the mind continues…

Black lives matter.. All lives In fact.

What incidents determine when a person’s life should be taken from them? What is the barometer?

Another unarmed man (Black) was shot in the back 8 times as he fled from being arrested for child support. Another young man shot 18 times in the back for slashing tires. Yet another unarmed citizen was told “F*ck Yo Breath” by the police after he was shot for running away from officers.

We are now apparently entering into the “granny get yo gun” phase of justice. If you are Black, you better not run, stand still, reach for anything or breathe… it’s hunting season and a #BlackLifeMatters only when there is corporate backing.

But are there any instances where taking someone’s life is completely justified? (i.e. theft, home invasion..)

Join us and hear the debate.

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