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Al Sharpton Should Boycott Himself

written by  MadMan E.L. Walker


  1. 1. Obey your gut instinct. If something feels wrong, it usually is.
  2. Follow the money.

Enter Al Sharpton.

Growing up, I never paid the Reverend Al Sharpton much attention. Guilty of looking at him once or twice, I soon decided that he was full of shit, and therefore, undeserving of my attention units. I moved on to scholars and persons I deemed worthy of my respect.

That was a grave mistake.

I should have been paying attention.

After over three decades sharing the national spotlight, the former protégé of the Rev. Jesse Jackson has come into his own.

alSharpton, or ‘CI-7’ as he is known in FBI circles, (more on that later) is the host of “Keepin’ It Real with Al Sharpton” and of MSNBC’s Politics Nation, has re-invented himself from the obese, gold medallion, tracksuit wearing, storefront street preacher we all knew him as, and somehow positioned himself as one of President Obama’s chief advisors on issues concerning the Black community.

The White House sees Sharpton as useful in reaching out to an important constituency.” –Kathleen Sebelius, Health & Human Services Secretary, 2010.

Reading between the lines, the astute observer could ascertain “useful” meaning ‘tool’. Obama administration officials appear regularly on Sharpton’s shows, and the president himself spoke at Sharpton’s ‘National Action Network’ annual fundraiser in 2011*, which was seen by some as an attempt to repair relations within the African-American community, before the Presidents successful re-election bid. Sharpton’s close relationship with the White House has paid off, (literally) resulting in a more respectable, higher profile for the Rev. Al. Coincidently, four months after President Obama’s appearance at the National Action Network’s event, Sharpton was named host of MSNBC’s ‘Politics Nation’.

“We need to try to solve our problems & not expect the President to advocate for us.” –Al Sharpton, in defense of President Obama, on his radio show, “Keepin’ It Real” with Al Sharpton

Excuse me?! Then what the fuck did I vote for?

Which brings me to this week’s news. “Rev. Al Sharpton Calls for Emergency Meeting To Address ‘Appalling’ All-White Oscar Nominees”-Yahoo News, Business Insider, 1/15/15

Addressing the fact that all 2015 Academy Award nominees were white, Sharpton released a statement declaring his intention to hold an “emergency meeting” in Hollywood with his taskforce to consider possible protest against the Academy. Usually, the standard tactic Sharpton uses come right out of the old Jesse Jackson playbook: Threaten boycotts and protests aimed at the organization whom Sharpton has targeted into either making a donation to his National Action Network or coercing them into hiring Sharpton as a consultant. (Topansky, American Thinker 4/16/12) In his press release regarding the all-white Academy nominees, Sharpton stated: “The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets.” Same old Al.

WHY YOU SHOULD BE MAD: The fact that in 2015, a Black man still has a perm. Seriously. Also, that a person with Sharpton’s long history of obvious self-serving moral deficiencies and habit of using inflammatory language, is continuously given a platform to represent the Black community. (Coincidence?) It is a fact that Hollywood is predominately White, and thus, Sharpton’s “concerns” appear valid. However, considering the source, you also have to consider his (and his handler’s) true intentions. The Reverend is about getting paid, and rather shameless about it. His comments are almost always divisive, causing tensions in situations that are already volatile.

“I Told Him to Be Careful, I Just Knew That He’s Always Been a Hustler.” Activist Kwame Brathwaite

Except for the Mike Brown funeral, where he was sent at the request of the Obama administration to appeal for calm… Coincidence? There are many in the Black community who view Al Sharpton as an opportunist, and in revolutionary circles, much worse. Sharpton has admitted that he did work for the government, but has always denied informing on Black revolutionaries (presumably because they were smart enough not to trust him).

Al-Sharpton-FBI--1989In April of last year, The Smoking Gun acquired documents revealing Sharpton worked as an FBI informant as early as 1983. Reportedly, Sharpton was involved recording members of the Genovese and Gambino crime families, resulting in several convictions. In a 1988 interview given to ‘Newsday’ Magazine, activist Ahmed Obafemi recalls meeting with Sharpton in 1983, when Sharpton approached him “to set up a meeting” with fugitive Assata Shakur, considered one of the highest ranking officers of the Black Liberation Army. Initially, Sharpton approached activist Kwame Brathwaite. Brathwaite informed Obafemi of Sharpton’s offer to “donate” 50,000 to Assata Shakur, on the condition that the “donors” (unnamed Black Panthers) be able to meet Shakur. “I told him (Obafemi) to be careful, I just knew that he’s (Sharpton) always been a hustler.”

So, I’m wondering… after admittedly being a government informant for a number of years, & giving testimony against the notoriously violent Genovese & Gambino crime families that resulted in a number of convictions… What makes Al Sharpton so special? Why isn’t he dead? Is he still working for the Fed?

Sadly, I think I just answered my own question. – E.L. Walker #Historyrepeatsitself #becausemotherfuckersdon’tlistenorread #Igotalotmorequestions

Sources: Newsday Magazine, 9/21/1988 American Thinker, 4/16/12 New York Daily News, 4/13/14, 1/17/15

* Note: most of the donations taken in that night went to pay for the massive fines Sharpton and the N.A.N. received from the I.R.S. Sharpton and the N.A.N. has been investigated numerous times.

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