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BEST OF THE MADMEN : Queen vs Hoodrat. The Deconstruction of Females in HipHop

The revolution of the mind continues…

Recently the MadMan was in the house to Pay tribute to one of Hip Hop’s legends, Ralph McDaniels. The concert was also full of legends – EPMD, Das EFX, RedMan, Keith Murray & Lords of the Underground.

Noticeably absent were the legendary queens… But hey … Maybe they were busy. But what really struck me is that, aside from a Few years – these dudes looked the same. Dressed the same as they did back then, and held to the principles of the true school.

I also realized that if a new female artist were to come onstage, half of her vagina and all her breasts would be hanging out…. Which in its time and place would be cool…. But hip hop is supposed to be about the lyrics and the beats.

I felt it only right to dig into the crates and bring back a classic discussion we had with the queens of Hip Hop.

Featured on this episode:

Yo-Yo, Sha Rock, Simone Green, Lil Nat, Sheri Sher and Nikki D. 


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