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Black Life Does Not Matter : Cops Trained To Kill Black Men By Using Pictures Of Black Men For Target Practice

in today’s “bad policy” news….

target practice 1We live with the knowledge that we, as Black people, are true targets.  We live with a sense of uncertainty… constant victims of terroristic threats that happen quietly and behind the scenes… not with a loud bomb or cartoons drawn in magazines…

We are silently terrorized by those that are supposed to protect us – people that we PAY (through our hard earned tax dollars) to protect and serve us.  We are made to exist in two psychological hells, the one of the hunted and the one who is continuously pitied.

The only time we get to expose the true nature of the hatred for Black life is when someone slips up and leaves concrete evidence.  It is then that we can show you what we truly live with.

Case in point, the Miami police department has been caught using the pictures of Black men for target practice to train their force and to “brush up” on their skills.  Now we all know that criminals come in all colors, but officers are only trained to immediately REACT to Black men.  We all understand psychology 101 and how you can train the mind to perceive a certain set of people or animals as a threat… think of Pavlov’s theory.. it works across the board.

Looking at the Black faces used by the police to train themselves to kill innocent civilians terrorizes my very spirit. Take a look at each picture closely.. see where the bullets land.. these cops are shooting to KILL… not maim or immobilize a suspect.

They are being trained to kill us.

I would be remiss if i didn’t use this opportunity to talk about psychological hell we live in as Black people.  To know that you are the hunted is one thing, but to continuously see it in action is damaging to the spirit and the psyche.

target practice 3The black man/woman are beginning to see themselves as the perpetual victim – which means will always look to be saved.  How can one stand up for himself against a force so powerful that it dictates every move you make?  How can a man be a man if he is living in a constant state of cowering fear?  How can a man walk with pride if he understands the only way out is by a bullet or by shufflin for a white savior? This is the Black victim mentality.  This is hell.

Then we have the unfortunate luck to be the pitied race of the world.  One of my favorite movies is “The Five Heartbeats”.  In a scene that speaks exactly to this point, the character “Eddie Cane” rolls up on his crew, after having a bad go of luck.  His very successful counterparts look on him with disdain while another character “Duck” looks on him with pity.  Duck offers him a “few dollars”.  Eddie slaps it out of hand and says “I don’t want your fucking hand out.. or your fucking pity!”.  You see Eddie wanted to be recognized for the brilliant man he was.

target practice 2It’s the constant cry of “I AM A MAN” that Black men have to keep shouting into the faces of everyone, even their own people.  How can I claim what is mine by my own right, if I am constantly perceived as an object of pity?  This is why affirmative action got such a bad wrap – it was seen as a pity gesture.  This is also hell.

Not knowing what to do – how to fight it – how to save ourselves …. that is the ultimate hell.

Our only recourse is to expose the practices, share the story, raise our voices.

Let ’em know we are mad as hell and our minds,bodies and spirits can’t take it anymore.




  • that why i hate all white devils

  • That’s because it’s the children of Satan. Satan is the great destroyer ,and these are his last days to do as much damage as possible . You also have negro’s ( Uncle tom’s ) who are aBig Detriment to Black People the world over . They are also the children of Satan , the great deceiver . Satan knows the bible better then any living person , so he uses the bible as his Magic Weapon to destroy. Be careful out there ! Hotep !

  • and all this time I thought the George Zimmerman’s and Darren Wilsons were rogues, but to find out the whole squad is being trained to kill us, it surprises me but at the same time it doesn’t… we’ve been forewarned about this many times.

  • YO! You niggaz keeps playin’ da GTA game and thinks it for real when you out on da street, you be ins for da rudes awakeninz… LOL!

  • The pictures of targets being shot at look fake,I belive in this but there is a lot of people out there fueling the fire with there own negativity maybe to have there own peace⬅️ Of the messed up world we live in or just a personal expression of who they are either way we say that this is happening but we never say that se people fuel the fire with fake negativity if there is to be peace ⬅️ It would half to be thru both sides wich humanity has never allowed over many different confrontations and concerns it who we are at human beings

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