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MBS Films & Revolution Media in association with WYMS Entertainment is currently casting for their latest production.

If you are serious about acting or want to test your chops, this is the project for you.

Prior acting experience is not needed for some of the roles.


Larger than life Apache Jones (Supa) takes on the mob, the police, the gangs and anyone else to avenge the murder of his mentor and take back the streets of Harlem.

Casting Call Details:

Non paying.  Food, IMDb credit and copy will be provided.  Some actors may be eligible for a stipend.

Available Roles & Character Description:

Lead Roles:

Cheeney: Mid 30s, Jamaican, educated, Supa’s wife, partner, conscience, strong willed, sassy, smart, gracious, ladylike with an distinct air of “will cut a bitch”, patois fluent.

Allen Branson: 40s, the lawyer, the snake, wrinkled shirts, ugly ties, greasy, grimy, rat like, slick talking, cowardly, condescending, arrogant.

King Don Duppy: 50s, Original Jamaican Gangsta, wise, intelligent, cunning, intimidating, charming, charismatic, loyalty, honor, Old School, respect for family and tradition.

Blowpop: 20s, early 30s, ruthless, gorgeous, seductive, top dollar stripper, master of using sex as a weapon, manipulative, smart, greedy, looking for the big score, shrewd, generous and loving to friends, vicious and brutal with his enemies.

Keene: early 30s, Uptown player, gentleman and gangsta when need be, good dude, loyal, capable, Supa’s best friend and confidant, appreciation for family

Detective Tony Piretti: 30s, bitter dirty cop, plants evidence, frames suspects, abusive, despises the hood, hateful, smart but but not as smart as he thinks, always looking to line his pockets, views himself as a victim.

Detective Gary Rooney: 30s, Piretti’s partner, smarter than Piretti but not as bold or seasoned, a follower, occasionally has pangs of guilt but lacks the balls to stand up to Piretti.

Cote (Paz): late 20s, lowlife, scumbag, two dollar criminal, sneak thief, liar.

Roberto: late 20s, junkie, creep, wanna be stick up kid, Jesse Pinkman without the conscience, useless but desperation can make him dangerous, always looking for a come up, an easy out. Hangs out with Cote,

Detective Gilbert Patrick: 40s, streetwise, good heart, hampered by rules and regulations, decent human being, looking for the greater good but conflicted on how to achieve it, cares about the neighborhood.

Chopper: 30s, con man, smart, sarcastic, wise ass, always looking for an angle, wheelchair proficient, good at playing people’s emotions.

Abbadon: sinister, ominous, Dr Claw deal (face always off screen)


Apply via e-mail: Send your contact info, bio and 2 pictures (headshot & full body) to  Subject line “casting call”.

If we are interested we will contact you to come to the audition and table read.


Casting Calls Categories: Feature Film Casting Call Audition

Project: Action/Thriller

Casting Call Location: NYC





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