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Open Letter To Big Booty Sisters

Dear big booty sister,
Yes, I called you sister. Because you are a Black woman. I’m not going to preach. You have every right to celebrate your body and wear what you want. But understand every action we take has a consequence… Even down to the action of picking the clothes we wear.

Case in point. Your ass is hanging out in the street. A disturbed male began following you. All the way to your hotel room (and you let him … Dumb move). you asked him to stop following you. He responded “shut up bitch” and kept filming.

Someone taught you and so many others women that love is attention. It isn’t. You have been mis-educated. Someone taught you that love means debasing yourself.

We have all gone through this stage at one point. But you are grown ass woman now. When does your awareness for yourself and your safety kick in?

Don’t get mad cause you got the type of attention you are calling for…. Smile and offer that man a BJ or a lap dance.

Our elders understood the importance of clothing. It defines your image to the outside world. It’s the difference between “shut up bitch” and “good morning queen”. It’s the difference between being dragged down an alley and a brother coming to your defense when another man even looks at you funny.

No one will ever look up to you, you will only make a difference to the next penis you encounter… And that will only be for about ten minutes. This is your legacy.

You are what we call a “could have been”. You could have been great…. A mind warrior. Now you are a booty video on my fan page as the reason why I’m mad today.

I hope you have a revolution of the mind. I hope someone shows you this and you begin to understand your power and the greatness in your very DNA. I hope you read a gotdam book on your history and the great queens through antiquity. Go see Selma.. Shyt do something !

With A revolutionary mind and that booty you could have ruled the world.


The MadMan

PS. The sex worker in this video is part of the problem with our community. We see our women emulating this all day. On our tV screens, in our streets and in our schools. This letter is to ALL women who think this shyt is cute. So please don’t bother wasting your time telling me she is a porn star. She and her kind are LOST. Mind body and soul. And so are the thousands of women who do the same.

And so are the mentally absent men who encourage this shyt. He should have been following her ass with a book.

She is NOT a victim. You can’t be mad when someone treats you how you project yourself. So Stand down feminist mafia and understand Black women must ALSO be held accountable for their actions and bad choices. I want better for my nation and I demand it. The pity train stops here.


  • SPEAK. ..We must do better

  • Positive Real Talk!

  • Sorry but her ass looks deformed. Someone fucked up her injections. Prefer a real ass myself.

  • If she was white she’d have called 911 the SECOND she noticed what he was doing, and she PROBABLY would have walked from the beach to the hotel in her bikini….and this guy wouldn’t have even TRIED her (a white woman) in the FIRST place. What he did was JUST as wrong being done to a black woman. You do NOT get to see somebody wearing something that you don’t like, and commence to FOLLOWING them and cussing them out! But, you know that already because it’s common sense AND basic civil/human rights. But, since she’s a BLACK woman, her rights don’t count, huh? Since she’s BLACK, not only can he DO this, but he can THEN POST IT ON THE FRIGGIN INTERNET….A CRIME BEING COMMITTED LIVE….and it never even crosses his pig mind that he SHOULDN’T incriminate himself with this video! Lol! On top of THAT insult, there’s an actual mob squad of keyboard jurists that would render a not guilty verdict in his favor! Y’all KNOW it wouldn’t go down like that if she was white. Talk about double standards. If you just absolutely MUST judge people, don’t take it as far as this IDIOT did. Do it in the usual backhanded, gossipping, trifling way —– don’t get criminal with your BS.

    An actual CRIME is being committed?Why is that not registering with people?!!! Does it need to happen to a WHITE lady and looped on continuous play on FOXnews in order for you to FINALLY get it?

    This works EXACTLY the same way the KKK has to abide by human and civil rights laws and leave YOU the hell alone! The same way that someone who doesn’t like gay people is NOT ALLOWED TO STALK AND HARRASS a gay person! You HAVE to leave them the HELL ALONE and repress your self-righteous urges to “correct” their behavior via public shaming and the violation of HARRASSMENT LAWS. The laws are supposed to protect EVERYONE from being bullied, and those laws even apply to black women that you deem unworthy of the protection.

    Any LAWYERS in this FREAKSHOW of a “conversation”? Can this video and character-defaming, sexist Open Letter To Big Booties lead to some legal charges being made? I’d LOVE to see that happen.

  • Absolutely disgusting…yet I can’t turn away.

  • The letter is good but it should be coming from another caring woman and not a black man. Here’s why:
    1. Black men hate black women and the criticism is not coming from a good place. It is to condemn and make the woman feel worse about herself.
    2. Black men are killing one another in every major city in America and White men kill them whenever they feel like it with impunity. So them being preoccupied with what we wear is a means to avoid dealing with THEIR issues which are far more important.
    3. Most of these women are fatherless girls. Why don’t they start a national campaign to be better fathers?
    4. How a woman dresses is important but truthfully speaking, black men treat ALL black women the same. They use how women dress as an excuse to be abusive. If they were so concerned with sisters that are lost they would not use how they dress as an excuse to disrespect and abusive to them. They would show them empathy and love knowing that some type of trauma has occurred in their lives.
    I’m going to love my fellow black women as hard as it can be because I’m awakening to the fact that black men have used and abused black women over time worse than any Klan member. So, if we’ve lost our way the mistake has been in following their lead and having their backs.
    Sisterhood with like minds is the only way to restore our royal status. The black man is not going to do it and can’t do it because he’s lost himself.
    Their validation not needed.

    • R. Shaw… this letter was written by me… i AM a Black woman, a mother – someone’s sister and aunt. I am also a mentor to young women AND men. I am also the founder and CEO of WYMS Entertainment and changing our image in the media is of the utmost importance. You make valid points – but it really doesn’t matter if the message comes from a male OR female…truth is truth.

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