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When The Chicken Comes Home To Roost : Did Constant Police Harassment Cause the “NYPD Killer” To Snap?

We always question the larger effects constant police harassment and brutality can have on the psyche of a citizen – especially this that may be already “disturbed” or aggressive.

Brinsley, who allegedly shot and killed two NYPD police officers execution style in broad daylight, was no stranger to police harassment and civil rights violations at the hands of the police.

We have video that shows Brinsley in a confrontation with the police last year, where his civil rights are clearly being violated.

Taking the life of another human being is wrong – but we also have to examine the root cause.  We have come to realize when police murder or maim Black people (and this is done daily in the thousands), we understand the cause is rooted in systematic racism and fear of the people they are sent to protect.

In the rare cases where an officer is killed by a civilian, we find the root cause is a direct consequence of the aforementioned cause.

It is a vicious cycle.  Police brutality needs to be addressed immediately.  You cannot expect to continue to violate a person’s civil rights, kill with impunity and then cry “foul” when the chickens come home to roost.

I hate that these two individuals lost their lives, I hate that over 40 unarmed Black men were murdered by the police, I hate that as a result of this incident even more Black lives will be lost.

Side note : There was a white man about two months ago who went on a killing spree against the police.  Understand that this was kept quiet by the media, and the white community did not declare war on itself because a white man was killing any cop he saw.  He eluded the police for months, while taking them out one by one.

So you can understand why this MadMan is skeptical about the police response.  To declare war on innocent civilians (as the NYPD commissioner Lynch declared after the shootings) using the police force is unconstitutional.  It is also the scariest thing I have ever heard in my life – I fear for Gotham’s citizens.

The beatings, killings and harassments needs to stop – end of story.

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