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Myth Busting: The Truth Behind Black on Black Crime

The revolution of the mind continues.

In the wake of the decision not to prosecute Wilson, Black people have been bombarded by whites and popular mainstream Black talking heads regarding our supposed “forgetfulness” about what they call “Black on Black” crime.

This concept is a fallacy, a myth and a way to distract the conversation from exposing the supremacy roots that permeate our legal system.

Or do they have a point? Let’s debate it.

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  • The decision to not charge Officer Darren Wilson was the right decision. Michael Brown is dead because of Michael Brown, his family, and his community. He’s also dead because he charged after a cop, who repeatedly told him to freeze or stop, but ol’ Mike kept charging like a raging bull who didn’t understand English. But wait, I left out something: After Mike and his partner-in-crime roughed up a smaller-sized store clerk and stole a box of cigars, he and his partner-in-crime, Dorian, attacked Officer Wilson inside of his squad car and tried to take his service weapon. That all took place BEFORE Mike was shot and killed by Officer in self-defense. Out of control, feral black ales need to be put in their place. They resemble rabid, wild dogs. They’re a menace to society and each other.

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