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“It Looked Like A Demon” Darren Wilson Tells Why He Murdered Mike Brown – Read The Testimony Here

in today’s “I don’t even know what to say about this” news…


Another dead Black man … another murderer walks free.

The name has changed this time from Travon to Michael.  But the story is still the same.  Reading through the testimony of Darren Wilson, a few things stood out to me.

  • – the sense of privilege
  • – the complete disrespect for a Black person’s life
  • – the dehumanization of Black life

the last point in particular especially… Wilson said, and I quote, ” IT was like a demon” in reference to how he saw Mike Brown and why he had to put him down like a dog.  It is psychologically manipulative and a powerful imagery that could alone sway a prejudiced christian idealist mind.

It immediately puts Wilson in the place of “saviour”…. touche’ mr. white man.


Click here to read Wilson’s testimony of why he murdered Michael Brown.


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