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The “Plan B” Man or Woman : Battle of the Sexes

the revolution of the mind continues…

The MadMen don’t usually touch on relationship topics… But when this came across our radar, we thought this might be a good way to build on an issue that causes dissension in our personal relationships.

Some say a man or woman in a committed relationship or marriage should never hold on to friends of the opposite sex. A study came out recently saying nearly half of all women have a “Plan B” man they can run away with…

How do you feel about this MadMen? Is it ok when he/she “just a friend” to your significant other?

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The Plan B Friend

  • A tight rope walk with no net is not a new concept, but neither is having a net under you. It is why a pencil has an eraser and why there is a delete button on your PC and why the courts have included the term “irreconcilable differences” in the divorce process. However, I contend that having a plan B person, reflects poorly on your ability to make the most important decisions of your life, wisely and speaks volumes about your definition of commitment, to which the Plan B person has every right, rhyme and reason to, now, question.
    Although one cannot predict the future, and change is inevitable, how we handle events says a lot about our character. And how long can love survive without trust?

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the revolution of the mind continues

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