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Gang Members Kill 9 Yr Old Child – Assumed He Was With A Rival Gang

in today’s “who raised you?” news…

I don’t even know who to be mad at with this recent story out of Chicago.  There is a part of me that wishes the god of Abraham was real so he could do a Sodom and Gomorrah on the ignorant, clueless gangs that terrorize Chicago.  There is another part of me that gets mad at our government for being the “peacekeepers in Syria” – but let this type of shyt run rampant on our own soil.  There is a small voice that says round up all the gang members and place them in interment camps and waterboard their asses and let them kill each other until there is only one left (then lock his ass up for for life).

gang Then the compassionate side says “these are your brothers…they need help…they do this because of poverty, poor education..blah blah blah” and all those liberal excuses we have heard thousands of times.

I’m not stupid, I know gangs use children as look outs, the same as in any war torn country.  But the problem with these Black dummies is that those people in other countries are fighting against INVASION – or to keep their homelands – or to keep their resources.  The gangs in Chicago are fighting for land that is not theirs (turf) and resources that they don’t control and never will (drugs) – whats more how can you be “invaded” by someone who lives across the street?

When will these Black youth learn they are fighting the wrong people?  It’s like going around punching yourself in the eye all day. Surely they can’t be this dumb?

And now another innocent is lost.  9-year-old Antionio Smith – who was outside playing as children are supposed to do was gunned down in the street because they thought that the noises he was making was to alert gang members… it never crossed their minds that he was making the same noises all children make when they play games… since when is laughter a call signal?

The Chicago Tribune reports :

“Police allege the four – all members of the Sircon City faction of the Gangster Disciples street gang – were riding in two cars that afternoon looking to shoot members of the Pocket Town, a rival GD faction. In the 1200 block of East 71st Street, they spotted two men they believed were rivals, police said.

9boyAccording to McCarthy, the alleged gunman, Derrick Allmon, 19, got out of one car, walked over to the other and talked to Jabari Williams, 22, who handed Allmon a handgun and told him to shoot the two.

Antonio’s body was found on a concrete slab just a few feet from railroad tracks that have long served as the dividing line between the two rival gang factions. Police have said Antonio was not in a gang but lived in an area controlled by the Pocket Town faction.”

The one bright spot in all this, is that the parent and members of the community came together and hunted down the murderers themselves.  They got mad.. mad enough to do something about it.

I can only hope they STAY mad.

I can only hope they realize THEY are the only ones who can put a stop to the craziness and the murder of the innocent.

I can only hope they realize that Obama and the government and all the presidents before him and after him “don’t care about Black people”.

I can only hope they understand they have to continue to take action for themselves.




  • It is so sad to hear and see, that our brothers are fighting and killing the youth of tomorrow, for dumb reasons, that make no sense. when will they learn.

  • I live in a Black neighborhood and get to see Black behavior first hand. There is something really really wrong with Black people. I think its chromosomal damage or perhaps they are just missing chromosomes. You can NOT reason with most Black people and Black people have no sense of value and don’t value beauty. Black people have this dark cloud that hangs over them that they bring with them wherever they go. You can have a place that is nice and has beauty and when Black people move in that sense of beauty gets destroyed. That is why entire neighborhoods get vacated by White people only to be run down and taken over by Blacks. When the Blacks move in you have gangs that form, prostitution and drugs as the emerging industry, you have drive bys and other types of shootings, burglaries and home invasions go up, more Black on Black murders happen with innocents being caught in the cross-fire. Then there is the problem with every Black person having a car stereo that blares excessive low frequency air pollution. You can not sleep around Black people or maintain any kind of normal family life. If you try and raise your children within a quarter of a mile of Black people your children will be sleep deprived and develop learning disabilities which will make schooling nearly impossible. Does this sound familiar? It should. This is the problem with trying to educate Black children. The problem: Black children have Black parents who often don’t care about anything or anyone or how their Black behavior impacts their very own children and the community around them.

    Question: what is the one word that begins with an N and ends in an R that you would never want to call a Black person?

    Answer: NeighboR

  • Look at the big azz noses on these Black thugs. Do these Black lives matter? I think NOT!

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