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Genocide Alert : Black Men Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

“Oh Mary don’t you weep… Tell Martha not to moan…”

Reading around in business and money information resources today, I found a common theme. Euro-America discussing population decrease and the stilling of communicable diseases. When I say “the stilling” I mean they are remarking how diseases like Aids have now run their course and are now a chapter in history, joining the like of Polio and Herpes.

The also are boldly and blandly remarking about how the disease effectively WIPED OUT millions of Black people. Here in America, Bloomberg even made a pretty chart to show how any Black men were killed in their prime by the man made disease.


In case you can’t read it the text says

Although AIDS was one of the biggest killers of people in the 25-44 age cohort – Specifically BLACK MEN- it left most other Americans alone.

And there it was. Simple. Bold. In your face.

Millions of Black men dead in their prime. They are proudly shown as the highest point on a chart to gauge how and where the population has been decreased. This report is the “all clear” to let white folk know “it’s ok to come out now… We got ’em”. One doctor even wrote an article saying AIDS is safe now… And that he’d rather have AIDS than diabetes (another “Black” disease), because now AIDS is “treatable”.

While the world is fascinated by Black reality stars making porn tapes and shower rods… the powers at be blatantly show and prove the genocide against Black people and measure it’s success … Right in your face.

The oldest joke in the Black community is.. “You wanna hide something from a n*gga? Put it in a book…”

Fortunately, there are those of us who not only understand how to read,but also how to read multiple sources, read between the lines and then tell the people…

I hope you are listening.

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