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Love and Hip Hop : Stevie J’s Reaction to Mimi’s Shower Rod Shenanigans

No… I will not get up on the soapbox about Mimi and her constant bad decision making… Nor will I wax poetic about how she inextricably f*cked up her daughters life (and probably the next few generations as well)… I won’t talk about how the lack of a mother and father’s love will make you think attention is love and the next thing you know your ass is spread eagle and hanging from shower rods …. We won’t even discuss how this porn stunt is the physical manifestation of the hurt and pain Mimi endured after being “left” by the man she loved for a stripper/prostitute.

We won’t even talk about how there is valuable lesson in all this… Several actually.

Nah. We won’t even go into all that. Cause at the end of the day we all know that at some point in your life you make a conscious CHOICE to make a bad decision…. And when you do that… We can only look at you crazy and have jokes.

Epic example of “Nigga Actions Result In Nigga Consequences”

enjoy the clip….

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