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White Man Questions Black People’s Mentality : “Tell Me Why You Are Christian”?

In today’s “this cracka got a good point ” news….

This is the same thing madman has been saying since I could learn how to speak, but religious Black folk always dismissed it. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that all religious beliefs are a bastardized version of sun worship (the first religion which is based on the cosmos – But that is a whole other post and probably over the heads of most if you haven’t studied the evolution of religion).

But still – even as moot as it is in the big scheme of things, it does stand to reason that one would have to be rather dense to follow the religion of the one who caused your oppression. I usually have this discussion only to plant a seed to allow people to research for themselves… But maybe it will be better received coming from someone who is not Black.

Watch and let me know what you think. Oh and just an FYI….

Harsh Language… NSWF


  • Not everyone who say’s their Christion are, however he’s asked a good question and it need a true devout Christian with lot’s of knowledge. I can only think of Fritz springmire for example and he’s white. This guy is a bit insulting and high as a kite but he is saying what many black people themselves say, nothing new hear.

  • Christianity is not about race. The Bible is like no other book. Artefacts (just visit the British Musem) are just one thing that go towards proving its authenticity. It’s an accurate historical document. It has many authors, all used inspired by God. Scientists have been confounded at the book of Genesis, some saying that the writer of it must have been guided by “a higher power”. The Bible describes the earth as being round, before anyone on earth accepted that it was. The number of old testament propecies fulfilled in the new testament is remarkable to say the least. The Bible is the only book that explains how and why man was created, and the human condition (that we are fallen beings because our first parents fell). That is why there is so much evil in the world. Yes, white people misused the bible, and yes there are many false (and forbidden by God) “white” images of Jesus Christ everywhere, but those are man made things, and are not biblical. The Bible records an Ethiopian man becoming a Christian. It’s not about “race” because we are ultimately a soul living in a body

    • ALLEGORY it says so inside the book.
      Over 194 contradictions 1/2 truth +1/2 truth = LIES.
      And if that dont get ur attn then maybe the math will BILLIONS doesnt make a FEW, A FEW that find the PATH.

  • My Question is Does this Question require an answer at all?

  • Let me give him a bible study he would realize he is wrong. He is brainwashed like everyone else. This country was started because of Christianity. The Christians that came to this Country were Protestants all following the original Sabbath which is Saturday. They were running away from the Papal Roman Catholic Church which is the church that killed 50 million Christians during the Dark Ages which all followed Jesus. Sun worship is a form of Paganism which goes hand in hand with Sunday worship. The Romans used their church as a form of slavery and sent out Jesuits to the U.S. to change the way we worship. They have succeeded they have most Christian denominations worshipping on Sunday now. The founding fathers of this country were Protestants and they did anything they could to keep out the Roman Catholic Church. But then soon after with money being the root to all evil as the years went by they had the presidents and the country in their back pocket. They back the banks and control the bankers and the last president that wanted to get away from their banking system was John F. Kennedy and he was assassinated because of it. Just so happens that the person that was the assassinator Roman Catholic. Abraham Lincoln was the president before that and guess what just so happens that the person that assassinated him was a Roman Catholic. All of the other presidents besides them 2 were either Freemasons or Jesuits. The Jesuits attempted to assassinate King James the man the helped translate the bible. The man that attempted to do it Guy Fawkes and now everybody wears his mask like he was a revolutionary when this man was a soldier for the controlling powers of the Roman Catholic Church. If this man got his head out of the drugs and liquor and did some research as long as the rest of the world we all would be worshipping God in truth. There are REAL christians out there with True knowledge of the Lord and Saviour but we are washed out by the masses of Prosperity money hungry Jesuit preachers all controlled by the system. SOON THERE WILL BE A SUNDAY LAW PASSED AND THEY WILL FORCE YOU ALL TO WORSHIP ON SUNDAY WHAT WILL PEOPLE DO THEN? THEY WILL CONTROL THE MONEY BY CRASHING THE ECONOMY AND THEY WILL DO IT BY WAR. THEN THEY WILL SAY THE WORLD IS CRAZY WE ALL NEED TO GET BACK TO SUNDAY WORSHIP. AND THIS DUDE WILL BE IN CHURCH WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD ACCEPTING THE MARK OF THE BEAST.… Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. The bible has 2500 prophecies 2000 of them have been fulfilled already. It is the only book of prophecy. IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP PEOPLE.

    • That is trash the christians are just ppl who came to kill and steal the natives land. the book is ALLEGORY.

    • I am Catholic you judgmental prick. Screw you and your pig headed mentality. I never have used the bible as a weapon, never had the urge to kill anyone in the name of the Catholic church, and if you did your research the church is going through changes to change old doctrines…. Wait you don’t because your too busy bashing it. Oh by the way, Kennedy was a CATHOLIC

    • White man PLEASE. Blacks were brainwashed into a religious system their ancestors never knew.

  • For many if they didn’t have religion they would have nothing at all. While it is pretty well documented that the slave masters used religion to tame the savages with half truths and reinterpretations of scriptures…ie the scriptures that relates to slaves being free after 7 years and compensated…..But present day many feel hopeless and without that learned religion many would go crazy and there may be anarchy without some sense of belonging to a higher being. Just my two cents.

  • I’m sorry but this guy is funny as hell.. I have no comment on the topic because I lost the concept after listening to his country ass. Damn this was so funny… Is he for real??

  • Black people are pitifully stupid and easy to fool and brainwash.

    Where was your god and jesus during 245 years of slavery?

    Blacks are ignorant, fearful, weakminded and grossly stupid people.

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