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Policeman Breaks Child’s Arm : Justified or OverKill?

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This MadMan is always the FIRST to come to the defense of anyone suffering brutality at the hands of the police… Especially Black children.

But sometimes, even I am at a loss for words and cannot be mad at the Police when it is clearly evident “shyt just got out of hand” because the youth in question was acting like a damn fool.

Keep in mind the child in the video is a BIG child, but a child none the less. He should be grateful he is on the playground and not on the streets of LA or NY. They would shot his Black ass stone cold dead.

Knowing this… Can we still put a case on the officer? He knew damn well no one’s arm could go that far… Hell. I can’t even type the rest, cause I can’t defend the actions of the boy.

What say you MadMen? Who was at fault?


  • I was horrified as soon as I saw it go to where it wouldn’t. I grew up playing rough and have raised sons. I know from experience when it even hurts a little, let alone goes to where he it was moved to. I can’t help but believe the officer was angry about the resistance shown to the other officer (and even possibly either frustrated that she was outmatched or protective) and wanted to hurt the child, just not to a point where it left obvious injury – that he didn’t intend to break the arm, but he was angry enough to want to cause physical pain. So, yes, the child was definitely not respecting authority, but that police officer crossed a definite line.

    I’m ticked.

  • I could be wrong, but I doubt it……He didn’t have to break his arm. That kid was already restrained. He broke his arm fighting to handcuff him. the police officer could have waited until that young man in fact calm down to actually attempt to handcuff him. At this time he chose to push against the young boys will and in fact to a point of frustration break his arm but I’m sure he will get away with it because that’s how this justice system works unfortunately. The reality is we have a duty to educate our kids because at the end of the day this young man put himself in a position to be wrongfully treated. Kids for some reason have a problem with dealing with their emotions, particularly young black men.

  • Oh notice by the way they even after breaking the young man’s arm he still held onto it I’m just saying………notice the reaction after the fact of him breaking the young man’s arm he did have a reaction he noticed he did way too much but to save face in regards to his authority as a police officer he still try to hold on to that young man’s arm. There was no reason to still remain to have his hands on that young man’s arm it was already broken.anybody in their right mind who’s looking at this video from beginning to end can notice the fact that it the lady officer did not have control over the young man as far as trying to restrain him as soon as the male police officer came over and they were able to put him to the floor at that time he was restrained holding his arm trying to get it to his back to handcuff him was not necessary.yes I’m aware that is procedure to do so in regards to a particular suspect criminal what have you however the situation first called for more time to first, calm the young man down!!

  • Overkill on both parts, but cud have been avoided if the kid wudda acted rite.

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