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NYPD Detective Breaks Down How To Deal With The Police When Stopped…

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to purchase the book mentioned in the video, go to


  • I am a mother of two black male young men living in NY…my sons have been stop coming off the train coming from school, at the bus stop early in the morning going to school, and countless of times else where. I am an active PTA mom in 4 of my 9 children schools and I attend various meetings throughout my community and even the surrounding communities. the story is all the same some worse than others. I am Sooo concerned over this matter..this is helpful but we need more..this has to stop

  • Who is the cop and where can I find the book he wrote?

  • Being a Black male period isn’t a game trust me.

  • As a retired NYPD detective and father of a young black man myself, I can absolutely concur with his direction. I have taught this to my son since he was 8 years old and he is now 30 without a blemish on his record. I also had instructed him to NOT say right away “my father is detective so and so”. I did that because I am not there and therefore cannot judge the state of mind of the cop on the scene. However, his FIRST phone call is to me. I will deal with the situation and I guarantee my son is coming home with me with. By the 90’s most cops in our area knew him and if they saw anything they called me and I dealt with my son. I know Carl and everyone of color should listen to him

  • The Link to the site is no longer working. where else can a copy of this book be purchased? also what is the full name of the book if i will research on my own if i could get the title and author of the book.

    • And what is the organization to which the detective belongs? Sounds like they are doing great work.

  • has anyone been able to find the book

  • All this is good but what about the ones that plant evidence on others?

  • All law enforcement officers need adequate training on when to use excessive force.

    • No one is addressing this issue. People are not making it to court alive. I thought every one was entitled to utilize the judicial system if they have been accused of something.

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