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African Dad LOSES IT When Son Claims He Impregnated A White Girl : BEST PRANK EVER


We know we are always serious around here in MadMan land, but THIS made us actually die laughing.  We all know  how we would feel if your child came home and told us he got another child pregnant regardless of race.

We believe this to be the typical concerned parent response.. from disbelief, to confusion, to anger, to scheming to “I’ma beat yo’ ass”.  You can tell they are a very traditional African family … peep the wedding photo on the wall .. which shows by just it’s sheer size and placement in the family home that proper family values is paramount.  Kudos to this Dad… we would have done the same thing.  We ain’t mad at ya.


  • if that wasn’t the funniest reaction I have seen in a long time. Daddy was getting ready to ship son out of the country the very next day. He is not for mixing the races…he did a Fred Sanford I thought he was going to have a heart attack. When he left the room I thought he was going to get a gun, thank God it was only a broom. He said don’t worry about the baby he was going to take care of that, I wonder how! I’m glad it was a “prank”! What happen to the mother she never even came down…I must confess I have told my sons that I would “prefer” that they did not get involved with a white girl for the simple reason of trying to prevent them having to be met with a parent like this dad. As soon as they my son and the white girl got into a disagreement the name calling would start and then the tempers would flare next it would get physical and who is going to be in the most trouble? The one with the darker skin, my son! You see I could love her but could her family love and accept my son? But that is just my preference. I can only pray that whoever they choose as their partner love them and they love her b/c they know mama don’t play that mistreatment of a female and I might have to take her side so to prevent that don’t start it. But if they did get one pregnant or marry one she would be accepted just as much as any girl that captured their heart from me…lol

    • This father is NOT concerned about the race of the girl.

    • It’s because black parents usually have more respect for white people. Being black myself, I’ve noticed that they feel white people are superior, as wrong as this IS, that is how it is.

      • I really don’t think this is the case being black myself I don’t think white people are superior at all, we are all the same yes they have better advantages in life but that does not make them superior to us well me anyway.

      • really dude really we don`t feel that way u must be a white person trying to swell ur head thats a bunch of garbage ur saying

      • Yeah, don’t say shit like this. Maybe you’re family feels inferior to white people. But there ain’t a bone in my body that subdues to social pressure and feels inferior.

        Sorry mate, That’s not “just” the way it is. I think is sad and upsetting to see you say that as if it undeniably true.

      • No … I think the father was just concerned for his son which would be a natural instinct for any good father of a 16 year old boy .. Being black myself with black parents i have noticed that your observation only represents you lol

      • Possibly, the father doesnt care what race she is, his son is 16 – that is the most alarming point of all of this to the father I am sure. Not everyone sees things in black and white, so failing to comment of the race of the mother isnt an indication that he feels anyone is superior but it might be an indication that RACE IS IRRELEVANT. .
        And why should it be relevant?
        Im pretty positive if the mother of the child had been Cleopatra herself, it wouldnt have made Dad jump for joy at this stage of his sons life.
        Maybe it is you who sees white people as superior, because of the way you interpret things going on around you possibly.
        It could be possible that your parents (for example) might SEEM to show more respect for white people, but it could just be that they come from a time when white people could actually harm them in some way, best not to get on the wrong side of them.
        Or it could possibly be that your parents are aware of the grossly misleading stereotypes about black people among many whites and they made it their mission in life to make sure they are always viewed PROPERLY by conducting themselves a certain way. That would not be respect for white people, that would be respect for themselves you are seeing.
        Or possibly, just maybe, they are extra respectful to white people so it seems in your eyes — because they do not embrace white people as kin … they are always strangers and no one close — so they choose to put their professional mannerisms on when they encounter those they arent at home with.
        Last but not least — if they SEEM to be extra respectful to white people, if could just be that the white people they are being extra respectful to are something other than just white .. they could be decent people, they could be a boss, they could be a banker or someone who put in a good word for the family at the school etc. We all network so you never know, maybe your parents actually have respect for some people for some reason other than their skin tone and the only one who is watching skin tone is you.

        Just some ideas — as I dont know your parents — or you — but know that I am just giving you food for thought. If you are correct and your parents feel that a certain skin tone is superior to them without ever having anything to deserve such respect …. I am deeply saddened by that.
        Skin tone does not make a person, their character does.
        hugs and respect.

      • Where I come from it’s called “ubuntu” mutual respect, you show respect because you expect respect in turn ( respect me because I respect you). This is a foreign concept in white people and because white people think themselves as superior they come to the conclusion that you have just as any white person would.

    • @ Marsha J Johnson. How stupid ? The father reacted just like any responsible father. He was wasnt worried about the girl being white. He was clearly worried about the future of his son. Where is your brain???

    • What he actually he said about the child was “don’t worry about that we will look after the child” this has got nothing to do with the girl being white as he only mentioned her skin colour when verifying with his son who the girl was he had at home when they went out. As you can see this is a very proud father who wants the best for his son it would have been the same response if it was any girl no matter what colour. I think you are looking at this from your point of view not his as his tells a different story to the one you see. Also why would he be getting a gun it’s obvious that a house like this would not have a gun in it he clearly walks on the right side of the law. Just my observation and this was done in fun so let’s see it for what it is a very very funny prank that also showed what a good dad he is just saying.

    • Hilarious…

      Luckily the majority of the population do not keep guns in the house, it isn’t lie the USA. I don’t know if a white parent would react any differently than a black dad given the situation, but I assume you’re from the states so we have very different social understandings.

      You’re right nothing to do with race… I think when americans post something like this or comment they always see race as for me as Brit I see americans are obsessed with it. This young boy is English as you can tell by his London accent, raised by Nigerian parents in the UK. Race relations are very different in the UK to the states…VERY DIFFERENT and also relations are very different between Africans and whites than say black americans and whites in america there isn’t the same kind of history and less of the oppression african americans have been subjected too, thus less of the hatred. He mentions race once to verify and then that is it. He doesn’t call the girl names, he doesn’t say anything bad about her, worried about her age but not race and he says he will take care of them

      I love that this dad actually just wants the best for his son, wants him to work hard and do well.

    • Marsha, this had nothing to do with race. The father was concerned with the fact that he was a minor and the girl much more. When he said he would take care of that .. He was talking about taking up responsibility for the child. He was more concerned about his son’s education. h feared that this might affect his academic progress; hence, he said he would send him back home because he believed that his son will enjoy some degree of sanity and progress in his studies so he can later care for his child. I think he would have said the same thing if the it was a Nigerian girl involved. Nigerians are probably the most non-racist people on planet earth

    • The whole take was quite hilarious. However, the first thing I noticed was that as soon as the father went downstairs to the living room, he looked straight at the camera. So, it is a possible that both the father and the son were acting or the father was just curious as to why the camera was placed where it was. Either way, it was brilliant and very funny.

  • This is so funny, the father is much concern abt his 16years old boy…

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    Very funny! Lol

  • He would of gone mad if it was a black girl to

  • You missed the point Marsha. The father appears to be very religious. You may have missed it in his accent but one of his first statements upon finding out is to report the boy to “Apostle” (probably the pastor of their church). He is concerned about his sons well being and intellectual progress in life. African parents are known to take care of children born outside of wedlock in order for their child to finish school and all (so, no, that child would have been safe). He is not concerned about the race of the girl (at least that is not expressed).

    The boy also did not translate everything. The father calls on the mom but upon not getting any response he says in his language (Yoruba) that it must be that she has left the house on an errand (Pity, it would’ve been a blast to see her reaction too).

    He also expresses his perceived failure as a father that his 16 year old has impregnated a 14 year old. In his tone you can detect his sadness that innocence has been lost. He knew he should have insisted that the boy school in Nigeria. Apparently he feels that schooling in this setting does not reinforce the values and morals they (he and his wife) hold dear.

    And at the end his relief is lovely. First he says something like stupid boy while laughing. Then, “You are a joker” “Gosh, this kid got me good (in Yoruba).” I have to say, as an African, he is an exemplary African Father! He has a lot of patience and was already getting past his initial disappointment when his son started talking about “I love her”. Thats when carrot went out and in came stick. LOL

  • lol. Kudos to Africans, they have tremendous value with their family. (africans in Philippines not included)

  • This was so funny this father is a good one. He did not care that she was white he was just so disappointed in his son. As a mother I would not like this kind of news at 16 I hope and pray the values and principals we as parents have set for our children will settle in their minds. This dad Is tops for me I wish there were more fathers like him. I like the bit where he says Jesus is lord that would be a Jamaican response but we would have got to the beating a lot quicker coz once you mentioned pregnant and your 16 that will be death lol!!!!

  • Typical Nigerian/African right their,I thought that reaction could come from Nkem Okwo(in the movies)…lol.

  • You lot above are on something else.
    Race had nothing to do with the Dad’s reaction.
    he was pissed of because he thought his 16yr old son impregnated a 14yr old girl.

    Drop the fuckin’ race card.

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  • he wasnt worried about the girls race but about the fact that she was just 14 years old .
    i aplaud this dad for baswell .eing able to stay this calm. i have two sons myself but im not sure if i would have bin able to be this calm . and i think mom was smart for not coming doen . perhaps she was in on the prank .

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    This is a trip…

  • I am nigerian. and i have to say this is exactly how an african parent would react to this situation. my mom and dad were crying laughing hysterically. Nigerian parents always claim that they are broke. but when you mess up they always have money to buy a first class ticket straight to nigeria. smh lol

  • She’s pregnant dad.

    DAD: She’s WHAT?!?! FUNTE!!!!



  • hahahaha! best prank ever!

  • Seems to be the wrong thing, adding that *white* — it implies some sort of aggravation there, like it wouldn’t have been so bad *IF* the girlfriend had been black. I was prepared for precisely this kind of rant, focused on the colour of her skin. But clearly the father is not caring at all whether the girl is white or black. So definitely wrong idea to add the term to the title.
    Apart from that: great prank, great vid and great dad too.

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  • LMAO! That was a rib cracker. He knew the dad will whoop his sorry ass. The way he confessed quickly was so funny and the father’s response cursing his mother’s family jokingly was so funny! e no go better for ur mother’s family! lwkmd!

  • LOL. Hilarious! This could be the reaction of any parent from any part of Africa. Must be a standard template. Totally cracked up my afternoon!

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    This is the most realistic reaction of a Father to such a news!!!! Hilarious though! The AFRICAN TRADITION still remains unbroken in a foreign land. Really love this.

  • Why does this seem rehearsed and fake, Nigerian Father would have beat him first and talk as he was beating him!!!

  • As a fellow Nigerian, I can see my dad saying the same things in Yoruba. Nigerians do like their children to marry other Nigerians and I received the same encounter when I told my father I was marrying a “white woman”

  • The best part is that the dad, a true Yoruba man, called his wives relatives names. A good son belongs to the dad a bad one belongs to the mom and her people. He wants the best for his son. I got the same kind of warning when I was talking, not even dating girls when I was in high from my late mother in Lagos

  • SOOooooooooooo African,lol

  • You can clearly see that they were both acting from the beginning.

  • His Papa should beat him anyway for playing a joke on him.

  • Was funny doe… Papa sending him off to Nigeria. Has happened to many a young man I know. Wish west indian parents would do the same.

  • Pastor it was a serious case here and there is nothing like acting ok. Way back home in my Africa Village in my secondary School days I know the way parents reacted to a rumors that Impregnated my girl friend. Africa parents do not take things like this likely. They always want their children to better than them in every things and got mature in age before they even think of woman.

  • It is nice to see that the father had mellowed since leaving Yoruba land; no son NO African son dare play that kind of prank on his parents. The awe and respect we were brought up would not allow a son to prank his dad, mom maybe.
    I can still remember some whooping I got when a neighbor telltale on a young lady I spent time with at the public pump. Her parents came to our house to challenge my father and I in turn got some butt whooping, just for talking to a girl in public. Who knows, maybe I would had been a teen father

  • fundamental human right is not practice and accpted at some point expecially in nigeria…so i respect my culture as an eastern nigeria boy .. if this boy is in nigeria he wouldnt even think of that kind of prank.. bcos the papa go don give one correct slap wey solid… na with tear’s he go take bring the camera out self…. and after bringing out the camera… he must bring that girl to confirm if he is saying the truth or its just a prank for real….

  • @Anthony Forde, i kind of got the same impression, and i think i have seen that guy play the same prank with his mother, so due to the great response, i think he played this one out.

  • That was off the chain….I couldn’t stop laughing. He you what………LMBO

  • Race is relevant, NO parent of another culture willingly approves of their daus dating , marrying a n***r in their eyes NONE.

  • am a Nigerian,you know this is our time we cant play this kind of prank on our fathers and live to tell the tale

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  • Ref: Yomi Williams. I knew it was contrived! I knew i saw him look at the camera when he sat down. However, it still made me laugh anyway! There’s nothing better than a great African accent; my parents are both Dominican and always entertained my friends leaving them in stitches because of their accent. Be proud of who you are; roots, culture the lot. That boys intention was simply to make us laugh and he did…job done, right? Please don’t be hatin on each other over this, remember we are a race of people with the best humour in the world and being able to make others laugh, in a good way, is never a bad thing. And despite what it appeared to show, underneath it all, i saw nothing but the love he has for his son. You dun no that young man is going to grow up to be a respectable, decent and successful man…if not, HE’S GONNA GET THAT STICK! Loooool

  • This is so funny because it hit home for most African parents , and it is like looking in the mirror. He was concerned about his son’s education, and what his life going to be like. He could be locked up, and I like what he said about taking care of the child because Africans do not like the idea of leaving a family member behind. This is not about race, he knew his son was seeing the white girl and she visited the home.

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    I really enjoyed this, it made me giggle… Although I don’t think that I would have the guts to pull this one on any one of my parents. I might be beaten to death with the broom stick before I can say “dad it’s a prank!”

  • This is still so funny LOL

  • please how can download this?

  • I like his reaction “O jamilaraje ” meaning the situation bit by body!

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