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What You Don’t Understand About the Word “N*GGER” : a Lesson in Etymology


The debate about the “N” word has been raging for years… I never get into it that much, because I find that the people who scream the loudest about it (either for or against) don’t understand the history or etymology of the word. And when I say history, I mean the TRUE history.

There is also a lack of understanding about the flow of language. How words can be redefined or taken back to its root.

I refrain from explaining the simple logic of language… We can both say the same word but it’s contextual meaning, purpose and intent is what sends the energy of communication.

Today a friend of mine and a prolific Madman in his own right “Gluv” posted this old article about the history of the word “N-G-A”. I have decided to republish it in full as my final stance on the word and my use of it.

Consider this the first and last time I give a foundational lesson on language, etymology and the “N”word. At this point, we who are enlightened should be at a higher level. We will never get ahead if we are continuously giving remedial courses in our history.

Shouts out to the MadMan that put this together. You have more patience than me… We need more like you…


The ancient Egyptians called their Pharaohs “N-G-R” (Net-ger) because the Egyptian Pharaoh was seen as a representation of the sun and the Sun God. The original Pharaohs who were pure Black Africans SAW BLACK SKIN AS SACRED AND A DIRECT BLESSING FROM THE SUN GOD, ATEN. In fact Blackness and black skin became associated with God and the sun. BLACK PEOPLE WERE POWERFUL, CULTURALLY ADVANCED, MILITARILY

The recognition of the Pharaoh as a living God and the black skin as a blessing spread worldwide
 to other cultures. In fact the term “Net-ger” became the Ethiopian “Negus” or “Negashi.”

In the Sudroid (Indo-Negroids of India) languages of India, which are part of the Cushite branch
of the African languages, the term “Naga” denotes original or first.
 In fact, in ancient India, the people with the blackest skins were respected and held to igh esteem,
 unlike today where the racist, colonialist and alien concept of “varna” or castecolor racism places
 Sudroids, Indo-Negroids, Black Tribals, Dalits, Negro-Australoids and other BLACKS AT THE
 The term “Ngola” (Angola) means “King” in the Angolan languages. This term was mistaken by
 the Portugese to mean the DESCRIBE “Ndongo,” the kingdom.

The first people to corrupt the term “N-G-R” were the Roman invaders of Egypt who may have
heard the term used to describe the
leader of Egypt or Nubia. The term “Niger” was later used to mean any Black/Negroid person
that the Romans saw in Africa or anywhere else.

The Romans tried to invade Nubia during the early years of the Christian Era. Then, Nubia-Kush
 was ruled by a line of Queens called “Ka’andak’es (Candace). One such queen and her son
defeated the Roman army at Aswan, (see ) Egypt
and burned the Roman Fort.
The Romans colonized and spread the Latin language to Europe. Due to this linguistic influence,
 the Latin term “Niger” became “Negre” in French and “Negro” in Spanish.

The English colonialists and slave entity borrowed the term “Negro” from the Spanish. The term
for Black people in England before Shakespeare was “Moor” or “Black-a-Moor.” The English
slave owners degraded and defiled the entire name by turning the Negro into a slave and turning
the original term “Ned-ger” or “God” into the racist term “Nigger.” One can say that they have
insulted the sacred name for “God” and have oppressed the original people created by God. This
phenomena is due to their own sense of inferiority.

N-G-R (net-ger) Ancient Egyptian for God
 Net-tyr (Net-ger) Khemitic/ancient Egyptian = God, Sacred, Nature
 Net-tyr (Net-ger)
 Negus (Nee-goos) Ethiopian term for “Emperor.”
 Negashi (Nee-gah-shee) Ethiopian term for “Emperor or King.”
Niger: Roman/Latin term for Black or Negro
 Negre: French for Negro or Black
Negro: Spanish for Black
 “Nigger” racist, corrupted term used to insult, degrade, enfuriate.
 Nigga: (pronounced “nig-gah), used as a term of endearment by some youth; rejected by others

as sounding too close to the racist term “Nigger.”
 Netzer (as in Nazerine) Hebrew for “root, original)
Naga (South Indian and African term) (Black Negro tribes of India and Africa – Sudan to
Nigeria) = original

Nagaloka – The Black Negro, Negro-Australoid, Indo-Negroid/Sudroid
lands and people in Asia (India to Indonesia)
 (see more from the book, “Nagaloka,’ by M. Gopinath (Dalit Sahitya Akademy, Bangalore, India)

also see “A History of Racism and Terrorism, and Overcoming,” at
 Ndaba (Manding-Congo/South Africa) = A counsil of wise people, kings, chiefs, ect.
 Ngola (Manding-C.. “King/Lord”
 Nkosi = God (Zulu, South Africa)
 Ngosi = blessing (Ibo, Nigeria)
 Nyamekye = God’s Gift (Akan, Ghana)

Nile (Egypt, Sacred River)
Niger (West Africa; Sacred River)
Niger (country in West Africa)
Nigeria (country in West Africa)
 Nugarmatta: Term used by Africans of Ghana Empire to call themselves (see writings of Ibn
 Buttata — National Geographic Magazine

So this is the true story and origins of the “N” word.



  • And it leaves me all the more perplexed. I have loved finding this blog. had a lot of slave biographies and autobiographies available on their free list. I found them after watching “The Abolitionists” on Amazon prime (I love PBS, sad but true). Who can and can’t use the word, and when should it be considered appropriate? Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing a naive white male who loves rap, etc., casually dropping the word from their lips.

    Words are powerful, and they not only change over time, but they even change within context.

  • Interesting piece

  • I think this a good post. The only thing that I feel was left out was the term negro also being derived from the term necro or nekro, also the whole relationship from greek to latin then spanish.

  • This is very interesting.

  • Damn….niggers are really ignorant. Do they really NOT know that the English did NOT enslave the nigger. Niggers were already used as slave labor in Africa for centuries before the white man ever purchased any . The Arabs were buying niggers as early as 900 ad. The ancient Egyptians (Coptic people, same as modern Egyptians) used niggers as slaves for THOUSANDS of years. So why do modern niggers constantly blame the white man for their plight?

    • Fuckin white devils, are just mad cus they were kicked out of the e-din b3cause of their abnormalities (skin colors) in egypt and africa they were known as tattooed savages and were on the lowest rung of civilization…what goes around comes around…over and over

    • Correction needed, I live in East Africa and the slave trade here was begun when African chiefs sold poeple of other tribes to Arab traders back in AD 610.

    • When you buy a slave, you either manumit (free) him/her or you continue his slavery. A “slaveholder” (what many slaveowners preferred to call slaveowners) may not originally reduce (you can’t elevate a person to slavery) a person to slavery, but if he doesn’t free the slave, he is a slaver as well.
      Perhaps one who lives in and grew up in a slave society is less guilty, knowing nothing else or fearing ostracization as a “n….rlover,” but the guilt is spread over the non-slave members of that society, also including the slaves who support the slave system, for whatever reason.
      Civilization is based on slavery. Only the explosion of technology, replacing slaves with machines, has freed the slave. England, mechanizing before its colonies and former colonies, first declared slavery illegal in Britain. The North of the USA mechanized before the Southeast, outlawing slavery state by state.
      In some cases technology reinstated slavery. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin (engine) that mechanized removing seeds from the cotton boll, a tedious operation requiring much hand labor. Slavery had been in recess as it was becoming uneconomic. The cotton gin left cotton picking as tedious manual labor requiring large numbers of laborers to feed the gins. Not until the 1930s was the cotton picker machine successfully commercialized, eliminating the slave-like lot of the cotton picker hands.

  • Nigga and negus have absolutely NO correlation. Nigger was not derived from negus- like seriously?! ahaha

  • This some straight up made up bullshit.

    • This some straight up made up bullshit.
      And Niggers actually enslaved other niggers, so sorry guys.

      • Doesn’t justify kidnapping other people. If your neighbor beats his dog, does that justify you beating your dog?
        Russians mass-raped the women of Germany and the eastern countries they drove the Germans from. Their justification was that German troops had raped Russian women. Like German women raped the Russian women?? In many places and times one group of men raped the women of another group as retaliation for the men of the other group having raped women of the one group. As if the raped “other” women were the rapists of the women of the one group??

  • I do believe what the article says, think about it. How did the whites now what nigga mean, how did they socialize it with blacks? The word nigga came from somewhere… so for so many years the whites been calling us Kings….that is soooo funny.

    • Thank you. I find myself hard pressed to tell my kids, “school’s important!”, as I’m realizing that almost all of what I, once thought I knew, was lies or based on falasies. I just started reading a book explaining, The Talimud (Original Jewish Teachings). They didn’t like Jesus AT ALL. Although, I am categorized as “caucasian ” myself; It’s plain to see; for the area, demographic, and time; Jesus “likely”, would have been much more darker complected, than light. Likely, even black. But, they had a term for him: “naggar de naggar”, or “carpenter son of a carpenter”, or “trash from trash”. I came across some articles years ago when I wondered, where the “racial slur” came from, and why it was originally offensive: It said the term was used to convey: A worthless item. Lately, those articles have kinda… disappeared. Strange… “Niger”, did mean black, so I see it making sense for them to replace the a with i, in a slang of “black and worthless”. I’ve never read anything connecting the 2, so this is my opinion based on findings. But it would seem that the original use of the word to put down a people, came from Jewish roots. It also fits historically. If you don’t follow, say so, and I’ll explain further. Peace, Love, & Light.

  • I do believe what the article says, think about it. How did the whites know what nigga mean, how did they socialize it with blacks? The word nigga came from somewhere….For so long many years the whites been calling blacks KINGS and GODS…. that’s to funny.

  • Thank YOU for this info of history. This needs to be shared and shared and shared in our new world of social media. Humanity , at present , needs this crucial information. Humanity needs a reality check.
    * this was texted from some-body who grew up in an uneducated , racist family who questioned the bullshit and still believes in human greatness and most of all……..because I feel love & empathy for all life ……….

  • All you have to do is look at history, judge the tree by the fruit it bears….Whites will always minimise these historical facts because they choose to remain deluded in thinking they are ‘better’. Calling me a nigger is their last resort and weakness, especially when they don’t even know what it means. I choose to remove the delusion of power with that word and other cultures should do the same. Irony will always show its face when you look and see how other cultures have been embraced by them for their music, fashion sense, while constantly being looked down on….White supremacist using the word nigger makes them look ignorant, simple and uneducated, not me. That word has no power at all.

    • Calling me ( a Black man) Nigger (God) while waving the confederate flag (a losers flag, the confederates lost the war and my ancestors assisted)

  • I LOVE this analogy and breakdown of my title, I constantly attempt to tell people that the word Nigger is a variation and that we’ve been given a complex by the european oppressor. Kunta Kente’ refused to let his name be changed.

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