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Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

in today’s good news…

Editor’s note: This man is NOT the SC man described in the story. We use it as a visual to show you an example of the original man. #Who’sYourDaddy?

As a child, the story of Adam and Eve always perplexed me.. even to my childlike sensibilities I knew it did not make any logical sense AT ALL.  Countless debates and sometimes fights were had around the dinner table, as I sought to bring logic to my family who had an illogical belief in what seemed to be a completely absurd story (along with santa claus, the easter bunny, the tooth fairy and everything else fantastical) that they based their lives (and the oppression of women) around.

So imagine my vindication when I found this article about a Black man in South Carolina whose DNA is traced back 338 thousand years…

so now creationists have quite a conundrum to ponder:

a. the entire basis of Judaism (and therefore Christianity) is myth or

b. irrefutable proof that Adam and Eve were Black and created in God’s true image (a true horror to white Christian fundamentalists)

These findings of course, have not been reported in mainstream… I wonder why… (that was sarcasm).

Discovery News reports:

An African-American man in South Carolina has lineage tracing back 338,000 years, according to a new study. The unidentified man’s Y chromosomes — a hereditary factor determining male gender — has a history so old that it predates the age of the oldest known h**o sapiens fossils, according to the report published in the American Journal of Human Genetics.

The man’s chromosome carries a rare mutation, which researchers matched to a similar chromosome in the Mbo, a population living in a tiny area of western Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa. “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved,” Michael Hammer, associate professor at the Univ. of Arizona’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a research scientist at the UA’s Arizona Research Labs, said via a press release. “This pushes back the time the last common Y chromosome ancestor lived by almost 70 percent.”

The DNA study began after the South Carolina man submitted a small tissue sample to theNational Geographic Genographic Project. Researchers were shocked after they noticed none of the genetic markers used to assign lineages to known Y chromosome groupings were found. The man’s DNA sample was sent to Family Tree DNA for sequencing. Fernando Mendez, a postdoctoral researcher in Hammer’s lab, led the effort to analyze the DNA sequence. It included more than 240,000 base pairs of the Y chromosome. Searches through a huge database led to the Mbo connection.

The scientists were then able to estimate the emergence of the chromosome mutation based on rates of change, creating a sort of “family tree” for the chromosome. The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence,” Hammer explained. “Instead, our results suggest that there are pockets of genetically isolated communities that together preserve a great deal of human diversity.”

Hammer added that still “It is likely that other divergent lineages will be found, whether in Africa or among African-Americans in the U.S. and that some of these may further increase the age of the Y chromosome tree. There has been a lot of hype with people trying to trace their Y chromosome to different tribes, but this individual from South Carolina can say he did it.” The study has even further implications. It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.” All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.

The original source of this groundbreaking study is found in The American Journal of Human Genetics.

Special shouts out to the Facebook group Blacks History And Africa Education.

Editor’s Note : please keep your dissertations, short novels, and epic fictions you call comments to yourself. You have an enormous wealth of forums you can Bible thump in… This is not it. If you don’t believe in reality, that is your right, as it is mine NOT to believe in white Jesus, Yahweh or whatever you choose to name the superstition that prevents you from understanding the human genome.

This article is for the people who are awake. I AM that I AM … And that is the person who won’t waste our readers time with your diatribes.

If you truly believed in this god you cry about, you would be out doing charitable works, not trolling scientific articles. Now go in Peace sleepwalker.


  • Soon as you opened with logic it was already disproved. God (Jehovah) does NOT work in logic sir. It is by faith alone in Christ alone. “The just shall live by faith.” Hebrews 10:38. Believe God or man? I choose Christ. The One who can kill body and soul, Matthew 10:28. Until one is born of Spirit which we see in John 3:1-21, The fallen state of man will always look for logic. And we know (of the believing) in 1 Corinthians 1:18, that gospel is foolish to those who are perishing.

  • It’s like the carbon testing done with the life snail, he was75000 years old.

  • Black people were God’s first creation as hunters and gatherers says in Genesis, and God’s second creation was in the garden of eden, where he created Adam and Eve to tend the garden.

    You got the first part right, but you missed the second part????

  • This is pretty interesting to learn about, the only thing I really have a comment for is the fact that “homo” had to be censored because someone will get offended. Its just pathetic how some people can’t get over something like that when its our Latin name.

  • I understand the true purpose of the Bible… which has been revamped countless times…
    But we (beings) did not just come to be on our own… God and Science can coexist… 🙂

  • The story of Adam and Eve, and God for that matter, doesn’t hinge on the idea that Adam and Eve are the white “parent species” of all humans. The story of Adam and Eve doesn’t say that they were the only creation of God, and even talks about leaving the garden and interacting with other peoples (e.g. From the Land of Nod) and as a Christian is doesn’t shake my faith to believe that God created multiple humanoids across the globe that intermingled and changed as a result of each other. The strongest genes thrived and created all kinds of new “species” of human, and science does prove that. It leaves me in awe of my Creator. The creation story was handed down through millennia of retelling. While I am a firm believer in the Word of God, I am also intelligent enough to know that there are things that the ancients couldn’t not effectively explain without scientific knowledge. I believe stories from the Bible are as true as they can be with the limited language and science of the era they originated in. Cool DNA evidence! I love watching science prove how fearfully and wonderfully made we are!

  • out of black genes came the idea of Adam and Eve. The bible says there were people when they were kicked out of the garden. They were marked so no one kill them when they get out of the garden. Therefore there were people and they were black people.

  • Wow! How effective! Connor successfully shifted focus from the actual topic to issues of racism.
    My message to the African American: Suck It Up! We’ve learned to ignore such diverting comments (like insults) and just continue focusing on the main topic here in Africa. Believe it or not we do have some nasty stuff to say to each other about each other’s tribes, but we leave that to trolls and just focus on the main topic. No Response.

  • It’s pretty sad that people still find offense when the blind(ignorant) soul cries out for help.

    I’m a young black South African who tries by all means to live with Mr Mandela’s mantra of forgiveness because forgiveness removes fear, and all I can see in these comments is deep fear, yes! what Bull said is offensive but why are we fighting racism with more racism. Yes that word and it’s history is a very delicate issue but when someone dumb as bull says it that doesn’t give anyone the right to use racial remarks to set him right…..

    If he’s dumb and all that what does that make you when you’re saying all of those evil comments about white people,

    There is not race older than the other… That’s pure Ignorance

  • simply amazing

  • The fact that his DNA is that old is actually proof HE’S NOT of ety-adam….you people need to learn to read….that number in no way matches the lineage of Adam, nor can this man, or any black man for that matter, show blood in his face (as a racial characteristic)….
    All you people talk about all day is God this color, or God looked this way, or Jesus did this or that….better learn to read soon, cause I promise you with all this false teaching, Jesus’ return isn’t far off

  • Christinaty
    A Roman story develop political. It inpower those who knows the true.but used the myth to control society.


    • Regarding your fable comment : Depending on who wrote the article i would go so far to say that it’s probably a ” Lie ” . So i won’t bother reading it ! I’ve seen oo many articles and websites information changed to facilitate lies !

  • You might have been onto something if the Bible actually said that Adam and Eve were the first man and woman, but it never says that. It doesn’t even say that He never created any more human being a before or after the creation. That is a HUGE misconception that people seem to have but it’s not Biblical. In fact, Adam in Hebrew is a generic term for man, it is not saying a single man named Adam. Also, when God created Adam and Eve in His image, he is NOT talking about race. He is talking about humanity as a whole, which should be obvious. Who cares what race humanity began from? We are ALL human beings, regardless of skin color. The only thing your post proves is your desperation to disprove the Bible.

  • All I can say is apparently no lives matter…. Mother Earth will decide when we are finished on this rock… All creatures… ALL CREATURES! Large and small are Cancer… And what happens to cancer… Either a cure is found or the host dies….. fact..
    The question is… How much would your mother take… Answer… Only Father Time will tell…
    Our days here are very limited and to worry about anything other than ourselves is ridiculous..
    Where the beings on this planet came from means nothing…
    We all must coexist…

    There are to many people on this rock…

    Ok Cancers… That would be all of us.. enjoy the rest of your lives… Keep evolving

  • I enjoyed the replies until it became a “my race is better than yours” contest. According to an elderly friend who passed years ago, racism in any direction is pure ignorance. He told me that we were seeded here from outer space. He mentioned nothing more. I thought alot of this highly decorated air force veteran. Upon one of my earlier visits with him, he mentioned that he “studied the sun.” I thought he was surely telling a story but it checked out. I wish i could have asked him “what led him to believe we were seeded from elsewhere” but he was the old school type that you didnt want to push too quickly. Unfortunately, i wasnt around him for awhile and the next visit he was very ill and unable to converse. Since then, the research I have done that cooroborates with his claim is the study of rock art in North America. The imagery is among the most complex and surreal one can see, if they ever can. Its obscurity makes it controversial among the “establishment” but it’s enough for me to gather that my old friend was correct. The details otherwise, I doubt anyone will ever know.

    • You’re right it makes No difference who you think you are or where you came from ! We’re all made of sub Atomic particles and space dust , So if you came from the Earth or anywhere else in the Universe you’re still made up of the same stuff. You are related to everything ( Good or Bad ) in the Universe and everything is related to you. I know that’s really hard for most DumbAss People ( Blun English )to comprehend but it’s the ” Absolute Truth ” !!!

  • Most scientific findings are based on science! Some are hypothetical. Some not even that. Here, we have a group of researchers pulling the y chromosome and dating?. What is the method of dating geneitics? Be real! The average human DNA culture even capable of being dated can’t be more than 120- 200 yrs old max!. So where does that put this?.

  • Sorry but I think the Holy Bible is a load of bull crap and those of you who want to say I will go to hell for that can do so. It won’t matter because when you die, you go in the ground, not in the sky or in a fiery inferno (unless you are cremated). I don’t have anything against people who “believe” in the Bible and it’s teachings, it’s just not for me because it makes no sense whatsoever. It’s just such an ancient practice and has been carried down throughout the generations just out of habit and family traditions but doesn’t really have a leg to stand on in my eyes. I just don’t buy into it.

  • When a black has an offspring with a white, it is impossible to achieve the same darkness of skin as the black parent, therefore, Adam & Eve were black. Blacks should only abort mixed race offspring so not to reduce there black heritage that God intended them to have.

  • I appauld your findings! My individual research of my family began after I saw the documentary of The Real Eve. It was originally schedule as a week long tv program. It was taken off the scheduled after day one’s showing. If researchers need additional volunteers, I would be honored to participate. My family tree looks like the results of a group of very very friendly males. I do believe in God, and I read the Bible. I just don’t have to focus on color or race. Respectfully.

  • Abominable. Denying your maker. Of course your dna dates back 340,000 years or so ago. You are from dust, & from dust you shall return.

  • I love it, thank you!

  • Adam and Eve where black. Gods image can mean a lot of things not necessarily what we look like. Never could understand the difference between black and white, apart from my initial surprise I got at three years old seeing a raft full of negro people for the first time out in the ocean and wandering what are they doing there in a panic for their safety. White superiority sucks something real bad, get over it. signed: Ashamed white person with black roots.

  • Fairy Tale for Adam because he was never made in the first days …Remember this there was calendars back then so that means that adam was a 7th. day creation ! While of rest of us were descend from a Spirit long before there ever was an adam ! Adan was the only man made dirt,dust,clay and eve was made from one of adams ribs that means she also came fro the dirt,dust and / or clay . This means that neither adam or eve are related to us Human beings !And according to bible scripture IF YOU READ IT VERBATIM ! LoL…. 😉

    • I suppose we’ve all got to believe something. Where did you say you got your bible from?

      • Correction : They didn’t have 7 days a week because there were No Calendars ! They went by the changing seasons ,Not days of the week or months of the year ! But going by what is written in second genesis Adam was made from Dirt, Dust and Clay Only ! It is Written ! I sure as heck didn’t write It !

      • I didn’t say where I got my bible from , But I will tell you this : 16 students and myself were taught in a special work shop by Roman Catholic Bishop and Two Cardinal’s . What we learned in that work shop ( We were taught the truth ) made us all well informed so much so that Now I have Absolutely Nothing to do with Any Religions( I grew up Catholic) because they’re use to control the masses and create Hate, Fear , War and Murder ! You people need to study Religious history and how it was used to Conquer , Kill ,Control and steal from other people all over the Earth ! I would say more , But I’ve said enough for you to have Food for Thought !

  • I would love to read more

  • Very interesting. Thanks for sharing !

  • Almost…. The Bible is clear about pre adamic man… “Angels” referred to as “the son’s of God” found the daughters of man beautiful and took them as wives..the offspring was the Nephlim(gods and mighty men of renowned, and also beastly men(animal hybrid or animalstic)… Which was destroyed in the flood, except for the bloodline of Noah’s Family…

    The first homosapien “Adam” was AaBb and so was eve, this genetic combination would create a mix of skin color in thier children… Black man is ABAB, white is ABAB the slight dominance in the black gene implies ancient perfected angelic bloodline represented in cain becoming like an animal and taking a wife outside of Eden(, Cain’s mark was a horn on his head, identifying his decent in to the animalistic carnal world..

  • Negroes are primitive man. DNA shows whites have only been around about 7400 years. Negroes go back much further than that. They are a subhuman, beast race.

    • You have your information completely Ass Backwards ..LoL…. Whites have monkey DNA and are known Cannibals who are derived from a sub species of the green monkey ! Not only that but a lot of whites are born with 4 to 6 inch tails which protrudes from the top of their buttocks…. You really need to do some serious research slick because someone have feed you a ton of bull shit ! Black are the Purest Forms of Humans on the face of the Earth ! You are also the only Sub-Humans born with no spirit and were created from dirt/dust/clay . No others were created that way !!!! FACT !

  • It’s only common sense that people didn’t come from one two people even that sounds crazy

  • Keep in mind, it is not really the Scriptures that give an age or date for Prophet Adam( peace upon him). This is where Christian scholars get into trouble trying to put an exact date or age to the people mention in the Old Testament when they don’t even have all the scriptures. King James version has 64 books, scrolls, letters; whereas, The Ethiopian Bible has 88 and is much older. Just like December 25th is mentioned no where in anyone’s scriptural account; but, some are hell bent on saying that Jesus(‘Iesa/Yeshua’)(peace upon him) was born in the wintry months on the pagan Saturnalia festival date of December 25th. None of that is true. It comes from misguided Europeans trying to keep their pagan custom going hiding behind the name of the highly respected Prophets of God! It’s not the Prophets(peace upon all of them) fault. Blame the Euronutz! ROFL

  • I enjoyed your article and its made me think I mean really think and reflect on things I have been taught. It also solidified thoughts I’ve had already.

  • The last word below the header is entertainment, enough said. This person has a presuppositional bias against the Bible. By the way; the theory of Darwinian evolution is on it’s deathbed. Modern man is so desperate to marginalize the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob they are also embracing the idea that Aliens seeded life here.

    • The is a fictitious book of made stories from other people’s histories .There were anyone with the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ! Fact : King Sargon A.K.A. Sargon the Great was an Israelite 700 yrs before the Factitious father ( Abraham )of the Israelite s ! Fact ,Sargon ‘s parents were also Israelite s more then 700 yrs before the So Called Abraham ! Fact : Read the history of Sargon The Great and learn that the so called Moses story is also based ( Stolen ) on his Life ! 😉 Nuff Said ! Bye ! Slick 😉

  • I absolutely love this I been trying to tell my ppl there is NO JESUS he made up

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