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Radiated Milk Sold In Black Neighborhoods : The Art of Slow Genocide

in today’s “social commentary”…

inkIt is not often that this MadMan is taken aback .. especially by something I already suspected/knew…  but sometimes seeing the proof or having it validated can still render shock, disgust and in this case grief.

I always wondered about the high rates of cancer and diabetes in my neighborhood, and in other Black neighborhoods.  These diseases are not inherent in people of African descent.

What makes it worse is that every elder in my family has died at the mercy of one of these diseases.  My mother passed from cancer at the young age of 59… as did every other elder on my floor in the co-op building we owned in Harlem.  I long believed environmental factors played a huge part in the mortality rate of my beloved Harlem residents… so to come across this  … as you can imagine, floored me and left me speechless.

There is a part of me that says “this can’t be true”, but the larger part of me, having grown up in the area, having seen the bad food sold to us ..(even the more affluent of us in Harlem) .. I have no choice but to acknowledge what I have known for years has been validated.

and no one cares…

The only thing I can do as an individual is share the knowledge and information.  If we get MAD enough collectively, raise our voices.. eventually we will be heard.  I hope.

Note: to see the full 2 hour presentation, please click here.


  • I personally find all this interesting but a full review of the video clip post. A 1:23 min snippet just isn’t enough to gain a full insight contextually. To the author, when did this briefing take place and where?

  • What they do to us shall be done to them in FULL measure. The Gods are watching.

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    Like we didn’t already know…

  • Could be fluoride contributing to the map!
    39) Minorities are not being warned about their vulnerabilities to fluoride. The CDC is not warning black and Mexican-American children that they have higher rates of dental fluorosis than Caucasian children (see #38). This extra vulnerability may extend to other toxic effects of fluoride. Black Americans have higher rates of lactose intolerance, kidney problems and diabetes, all of which may exacerbate fluoride’s toxicity.

  • Would like to see entire presentation. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Scratch that last post. Duh I see you have entire link available 🙂

  • Aren’t you tired of seeing the truth of your existence and doing nothing? If you are now ready to do something about your condition, Black Nation …”collectively, raise our voices” in your newly forming government. Learn more here:

  • as a scientist and public health practitioner, I have to say this is unlikely. Highlighting the plight of people in Harlem is important but there are other causes that would have greater effect on health. Lack of affordable fruits and vegetables with antioxidants could be one factor. Another is that older buildings in Harlem and city areas in general tend to have plenty of carcinogens and teratogens. France has much more nuclear infrastructure than the USA. and studies have shown no significant difference in health outcomes no matter where people live in France or where in France their food comes from.

    • Understand the wholesale shipping of radiated food products is not “unlikely”. It is HAPPENING. And not just in Harlem, but to all predominately lower income areas.
      As a “scientist” we would expect you to take into consideration all the information before you come to a conclusion – we also would ask if you ever had milk or any food product from a bodega (we know you haven’t just by your answer).
      Sorry Mr. Scientist, this is NOT about “other” factors. This is about the similar act of deliberately placing poisoned food in Black communities. Please try to keep up with us here.

      • how come the video is private?

      • Took the words outta of my mouth. Thanks WYMS!

      • Thanks!

      • What does buying milk from a bodega have to do with anything? Seems like you are the one not keeping up. correlation does not imply causation, so please give more information to us about how low level radiation is causing diabetes. Actually please just give us information at all! There is zero in all of this. You link a snippet from a random presentation, from an unknown presenter who hasn’t even done her full research on the city she is talking about. There isn’t any factual evidence in any of this. Is everyone just supposed to believe your word and this uncredited old ladies word? Your article isn’t facts dude, and all you are doing is spreading conspiracy. We all know “why you are mad son,” it’s because you have no clue whats going on.

      • I would like to point out that your information is misbased. One it is irradiated milk not radiated milk and two it is spread much wider than low income communities. It is available in almost any chain food store and is a vast supply of milk to our military, mostly those outside of the continental US such as those deployed in the middle east or on naval vessels. The point of the irradiation is to kill all the bacteria in the milk to extend the shelf life of the milk. Similar to boiling water that may be contaminated. Im not saying that it has no negative effects but it is not a basis for genocide of minorities.

    • The one thing that you didn’t mention in regards to the comparison of France and U.S. is enforcement of regulation and standardized infrastructure. (Study from Stanford Journal of International Relations- excerpt below). Just like restaurants buying the cheapest ingredients, not fresh to squeeze greater profits, I don’t find it unreasonable that the store owners in these areas which typically don’t represent the neighborhood would buy inferior products (milk). I won’t go as far as say it is a conspiracy, I would say that these store owners would take a larger risk in these neighbors compared to more upscale neighborhoods.

      “With regards to nuclear accidents, France has
      had an even cleaner safety record than the United
      States, with the exception of a minor incident in
      2008 Tricastin Nuclear Power Center. Like the US’s
      NRC, France’s Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) is an
      independent administrative authority that oversees the
      nuclear industry. The major factor that accounts for the
      discrepancy in safety records between the two countries
      is the standardization of plants across France. This
      allows for uniformity in the training of plant operators
      and regulators, ensuring they understand their
      inspection duties regardless of plant design. Also as a
      result of a common plant template, French regulators
      possess a vast quantity of data, making probabilistic
      safety analysis more effective: “the results of these
      analyses can therefore identify not only the weaknesses
      but also the strengths with regard to the plant’s safety,
      and thus assist in setting priorities and focusing efforts
      on the points identified as the most sensitive in terms
      of the contribution they can make to improving the
      safety of facilities.”

    • Thank youuuuu. Also I didn’t see them say anything about the effects of lead in these older buildings or if that had anything to do with it.

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    I found this article very insightful but deep down inside we already knew.

  • Reminds me of “Cod” by Mark Kurlanski. Codfish (or saltfish) is an ingrained part of Caribbean cuisine. Since cod is a cold water fish, how did it become a Caribbean staple ? Kurlanski’s research revealed that this much sought after fish came in various qualities, and the poorest, most undesirable quality was bought by Caribbean planters as a very cheap source of protein for their slaves, since very little meat was produced because almost every square inch of land was devoted to cultivation of sugar. The point being that the scraps & undesirable items (eg the pig intestines, low quality fish, etc.) were historically considered “slave food”. Thus, today, where you have varying qualities of any food (such as milk), the historical distribution patterns are not all that surprising.

  • If we collectively bought a farm and raised our own dairy cows and sold it to the general public…WE wouldn’t buy it. It would be $0.50 higher due to our newness to the industry and lack of infrastucture. That 50 cents would be an insurmountable mountain for us to climb. Who is it that we should “raising our voices for so we can be heard”…besides one another? Massa can’t save niggas… Novel thought, i guess, but how bout we save our damn selves?

  • food irradiation (modern pastuerization) has been going on for a long time, not just in black neighborhoods but everywhere, its a common practice – doesn’t make the food radioactive. if it’s a conspiracy, it’s against everyone. lol There are more than enough things to be upset about in the foods we eat every day than to waste time on this…

    • This isn’t about food irradiation or pasteurization. Did you bother finishing the article of watching the video? It’s dairy farms in close proximity to nuclear power plants – receiving radiation that way is different than pasteurization, lol. You should do more than skim an article if you want your argument to have any weight.

      • “This isn’t about food irradiation or pasteurization” …..

        1. expose to radiation.

        “It’s dairy farms in close proximity to nuclear power plants – receiving radiation”


  • Why do you continue to use the self hating “N”? That’s something you should set an example with…never use!

  • Damn!! What wont they stoop to??

  • Free Piano
    Mar 26, 2014
  • It is not just African Americans who are dying from these diseases. It is Americans as a whole. European Americans have a higher rate of cancer than African Americans. It’s our milk, it’s our processed foods. America has yet to ban chemicals that are put in foods that most countries have banned already. We mass produce EVERYTHING! Our animals are stuffed with antibiotics, caged and snipped of their beaks so they don’t kill each other and waste profit. We need to watch what we eat. In poorer neighborhoods, we seem to go for the cheapest thing regardless of how much sugar, or sodium is in it. Healthy food is expensive. We need to do more than blame people. We need to read labels, request different brands at our supermarket. We need to do some foot work and not just protest outside.

    • I so agree. Humans are the only species that are weaned from their mothers breast milk only to drink the milk of an animal. There are other alternatives that have the same nutrients as those from a cow or goat. FYI

    • as a canadian I can definitely notice a huge difference of taste in american vs canadian milk. in Canada we have more regulations on our food to prevent this kind of thing from happening. when I visit the states i notice most foods have a different taste to them except for fruits and veg (as most canadian grocery stores get them from the states) the milk has a more mucus-like flavour along with a slight almost metallic flavour. The meat also tastes different but not in a particularly negative way like the milk but just different. Knowing that he states has low regulations on food it is plausible that they could be poisoning the milk further, taking into account the way the citizens are treated especially the citizens of colour but at the same time the “quality” milk still doesn’t taste like it has anything anybody would want in their body.

      • Wait is canada milk
        A) From cows?
        B) Pasteurized?
        C) Homogeneous?
        D) Fat content?
        E) Given hormones?
        F) Fed similar diets?

    • BOOM, Jocelyn Walker. Well said. People need to eat better! If people practice portion control, they can spend more on the healthier food choices. Yes, you will get more juice for your dollar if you buy the stuff with High Fructose, but what are you getting? Better to go for the 100% juice, and just drink less. Drink more water. That is just one example. Shop in grocery stores in the more affluent neighborhoods whenever possible-the produce and meat selections are always better!
      You get about half to two thirds the amount of food for your dollar by choosing healthier options, but you make up for it by remaining healthy and not having to take days off work/pay for doctor co-pays and medications. In this day of internet availability, you can even buy some health food items online-dried fruits, and nuts, wheat flour, etc.
      And why is anyone still drinking milk these days? Studies have shown our bodies do not even process the vitamin D and calcium properly. It is better to get your calcium from leafy greens like spinach and kale (which are both pretty affordable, especially if frozen), and your vitamin D from the sun.

  • Improving our way of distributing food to our youth is the closets will get to a cure, even doe it may risk and increase new illness in our body. But we use chemical and steroids in our food today already which has other side effect from what the author speaks.

  • Process food and Radiated Milk are passed out in the Urban schools everyday!

  • I tried to watch the video but am getting a message that the video is private?

  • hey this isn’t even remotely true and you should delete this blatant misinformation immediately

  • I have been advising, for many years, as many Black folk as I can, that they/Blacks ought to stop drinking cows milk; including, eating cows meat too. Blacks health would expediently get better. The milk comes from the cows, ain’t milk. I have not drank milk in at least 40 plus years. Now, I drink Almond, coconut, cashew, and other non-cows milk. I am vegan, and I am so blessed to have been lead to this kind of lifestyle. Black vegans know how strong I must be. A significant amount of meat i.e. cows, hogs, chicken, lamb, and others are radiated. Black folks I use to eat meat. I know you were weaned, as I was on meat. I can understand a person getting an illness as per one’s genes. However, all these illnesses our/Black folk have, and are dying from is from the food White folks control. You are what you eat. I am not a meat eater. I do not drink cows, nor any animals milk. I suggest you/Blacks stop eating meat, and drinking animals milk.

    • The same goes for white ohhh and I better go tell the black farmers to stop irradiating food. why the race baiting lets look at some of the killer food organizations during the past 10 yrs and see who has lead some during those yrs mc donalds and don thompson black , aylwin lewis potbelly sandwich company black clarence otis jr darden restaurants black to name a few so are these good black folks i just listed helping ?? It is wonderful that you choose the vegan lifestyle I hope you have gone all whole organic vegan as it is the best I am so tired or black/ white stuff we all bleed there is no food that is just black or white and the soon we as the human race stop looking at what we think we see with our eyes and instead start looking at what our hearts know the sooner we can end racism

    • Oh yes, because only black people make vegan food. Please replace the food that is from livestock, with food that is much more susceptible to get irradiated from the soil.

      Too smart for us “White folk” trying to commit a supposed genocide by contaminating food that will take around 40 years to kill you from diabetes that doesn’t even come from low radiation exposure. The master plan got foiled again, shucks

      • You are intentionally being obtuse. Black people SHOULD stop eating beef and drinking milk, and it WILL improve their overall health if they did. This statement by Andre Young does not in any way suggest that white people are the cause (although, big business IS the cause, and big business is predominately run by white people), just that black people will benefit from converting to a vegan diet. It is a true fact that as a whole, black people are lactose intolerant. Many diseases, like gout, can be avoided by reducing or eliminating beef. This is true for all people, but Andre was speaking of his own personal experience, and of the advice that he gives to black people.
        AS for white people and genocide, well, you are right. Usually, when white people attempt genocide, they do it much more quickly. Just ask the Native Americans…or the countless Aborigines….or the Africans that are being slaughtered to gain access to their mineral rich land…yeah, you know all about the right ways to commit genocide.
        and since you brought up the subject in such a snarky manner, let us not forget the many ways that white owned corporations are slowly poisoning this society- fluoride in our water (poison), processed foods that have the nutrients bleached out, severe over-medication for conditions that can be treated with proper diet, aspartame, GMO crops which leach the nutrients out of the soil AND the food, high tension power lines (proven to be placed predominately in black neighborhoods so yeah, thanks for that)…you’re right. The master plan was foiled, but with all these back-up plans, you guys are sure to succeed in depopulation, which is the ultimate goal, according to the GLOBAL 2000 report see

        Nope, no conspiracies here. In order to have a conspiracy there has to be secrecy. This shit is not even a secret. Anyone can real the GLOBAL 2000 report and see just how much our leaders value human life. Milk? pssh. Just a drop in the bucket.

  • Its “Irradiated” not ‘radiated’.

  • Scientist and non-conspiracy theory believer like the rest of you.
    Please don’t fall this kind of unsupported tripe.
    1) None of the milk produced is radioactive. This would never be allowed. They have to measure everywhere for 50 miles, continuously, around these sites. Besides, too many people would immediately take the opportunity of suing the crap out of the nuclear power plants for the release of radioactivity rather than take the chance be being sued themselves (for selling something).
    2) There is no link between radioactivity and diabetes. Look at ANY reputable site that discusses the causes of diabetes. NONE of them will list radioactivity. Please. This misguided women is drawing a line where there isn’t one.

    This is typical mock science. Taking a completely different demographic and trying to make a claim about something irrelevant.
    Yes, at that time Harlem was really predominantly black; probably over 90%. I bet if you did a survey of the lifestyle—diet, exercise, etc.—in Harlem, you would find that it varied dramatically from the surrounding (more white) areas. What you would also find is that it varies dramatically with what the black people in Africa. This woman also tries, foolishly, to tie it to genetics. The genetics between true Africans and African-Americans has changed. Many African-Americans (like most of us “Americans”) are cross-breeds at this point, often with Europeans and others of non-African descent. We’re all mongrels right now. Regardless, their original genetic makeup evolved for a different lifestyle (all of ours has). Much different than that they are living in America (or Harlem, the deep city). We’ve all gotten sedentary and have poor diets and diabetes is on the rise, it just may have started there earlier. There was no friggin’ conspiracy with nuclear power plants. Get a life people.

  • may i ask one question what makes you or anyone think that the milk sold to one “race” is any different than milk sold to another ? the term is not radiated milk its irradiated milk and any milk sold in the usa is irradiated to some degree. During the process of pasteurization milk is irradiated to add vitamin D to it. Long life milk such as condensed milk and evaporated milk and long life shelf milk is further irradiated to ensure the longer shelf life. We as a species are the only species that feels the need to ingest milk after weening, or to ingest milk from another animal. Dairy as a whole is not needed past weening. All milk products such as cheese, ice cream and yogurt are all irradiated. If the concern of things like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease are the true concern why the race baiting ? If you want to lower these it works the same for any color of skin 1. eat right as in no processed foods , no fast foods, no gmo foods stick to things like whole organic foods 2. realize even if it is organic does not mean its healthy yes they make organic junk food as well that is why I said WHOLE FOODS. 3. those frozen convenient meals are garbage. 4. throw your coffee and tea out 5. cook meals from scratch watch what you put in.5. reduce carbs 6. eliminate refined sugars 7. If someone else refined it, processed it or prepared it you dont know whats in it so dont eat it.

    • I was with you until you said get throw your coffee and tea out. Tea has many health benefits, depending on which type you drink. Ginger tea with honey is wonderfully delicious and is a great energy booster. Tea made from Soursop has the same cancer fighting properties as chemo, without the nasty side effects. Chamomile tea is calming. I could go on….Oh, and coffee with honey and coconut milk is just good. So. yeah.

  • This is disgusting. And now that it’s known publicl5 will it stop.

  • I tried to view the 2 hr presentation but was told it was private. Please email me a link if its possible. Thanks.

  • I tried to click on your link for the 2hr presentation concerning this issue and it’s labelled as private, so it can’t be viewed. Is there another way to access this video?

  • Sick ..

  • A SPOON!ed Blog
    Apr 12, 2015
  • So, who’s selling the milk, Safeway, Walmart, or Save-a-lot? We need to stop eating all the processed foods. They put that stuff out for the unknowing. Haven’t you hear the song by Carrie Underwood, “Something in the water” It’s true! Killing people is big business. If they can’t get to you one way, they’ll try something else. It’s like a giant board game of life and we are the pawns. So unless you are willing to jump off the board, I don’t see what you can do about it except educate yourself and your family about what those alphabets, USDA, CDC,FDA,etc. are up to. Yes! it’s war on a global scale! Put it in the food. Food isn’t real anymore We are the experiment.

  • Would like to view the whole presentation; however, when I click on full video, it takes you to you to youtube which states its a private video.

  • So the milk is contaminated. The so-called fresh fruit and vegetables that we purchase in our black neighborhoods are most times bad as well. The bottled water is starting to taste the same as the tap water. I’ve seen the school lunches shipped in and wanted to throw it out. Parents please take the time to visit your child(s) school and see what they are being served. And not just one or two parents, I mean collectively, in a group. Know what your children are eating and learning. They have a right to a prosperous future.

  • You brothers and sisters in the States need to listen and take a second thought on so many of these issues that the media regard as ”mere conspiracy theories”. Perhaps our grand kids will see such genocides directly done on them soon when we are gone- to the point that they will too helpless to even utter a word!! I sadly lament on this coz I know my families in Northern Uganda as in other parts of Africa, suffered and continue to suffer from war, Ebola, HIV/AIDS, Nodding syndrome etc. due to man-made plagues to erase the black folk from the face of the earth! I will accept to be called foolish and stupid for this, but God is watching those who disguise themselves to the world that they care for Africans/blacks but conspire in dark places to eradicate them slowly- even before they launched slavery and Conquest of African continent!

  • This Has Been Happening Since We As A People Was Brought To These UNIFIED SNAKES OF APARTHEID!

    Our Oppressors Are The Major Cause Of Dis-Ease!


  • stop drinking animal milk. no human needs cow milk, or any other animal’s milk! Humans are THE ONLY MAMMALS WHO DRINK ANOTHER MAMMAL’S MILK AFTER INFANCY.

  • Sorry, but this is scientifically inaccurate hysteria. The process of irradiation does not make food radioactive, it is a brief bombardment of UV light to kill microorganisms and reduce bacterial contamination and extend shelf life. This makes food SAFER to eat. Food-borne illness kills thousands of Americans annually, especially those in impoverished, rural and medically under-served communities. Also, this is the FDA standard applied to all dairy and produce in America, this practice is not specifically targeting any racial group.

    • The food link between diabetes and cancer rates in low income areas probably has more to do with nutritionally-deficit cheap junk foods with synthetic chemical compounds like trans-fats and HFCS that disrupt the ATP cycle in your cells and leave free radicals in your system, as well as the environmental pollution and physical stress that comes with poverty and overcrowding. These factors have been proven.

      Of course, there really is no reason you need to be drinking milk at all. Europeans only have the necessary digestive enzymes because dairy has been a part of their diet for so long.

  • Where can we see the full presentation? The link provided brings me to a video listed as “private”. The gov’t has certainly done some shady things to the People in the past, but why exactly should we believe this woman? It’s a 1.5 min clip where she shows a map of NYC and diabetes rates. We already know that diabetes is more prevalence in poor communities. So, where does the irradiated milk come in? Where is the evidence? Where is she getting her information? She mention “in a New York Times article”…. but that just doesn’t cut it for me. t would like to learn more.

  • This is the most idiotic thing I’ve seen. RADIATION DOES NOT CAUSE DIABETES. “look at all these people with diabetes, now look at Africa, they don’t have diabetes, now look at this milk we are giving these people and not Africa, it has radiation, oh must be causing the diabetes.” Worst argument ever. Correlation does NOT imply causation.

  • please, can you send me the full video? I tried to access but it’s private. tks!

  • Can I please get a link to the video. The link posted is marked as private.

  • The two hour version is marked private any other links or citations?

  • Conspiracy theory. Flaws-1. assumption that radiation gets into milk. Farmers would be poisoned. 2. Look at africa- well take another look- norther africa, middle east, and oceanea. Are they drining the same milk?
    4. High sugar foods cause type 2 diabetes

  • You people are just racist, the numbers don’t lie, you cab write fairytales all you want but there is the map of africa vs the map of ny, you just avoiding that trying to be clever with your theories, explain that.. you racists

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