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Radiated Milk Sold In Black Neighborhoods : The Art of Slow Genocide

in today’s “social commentary”…

inkIt is not often that this MadMan is taken aback .. especially by something I already suspected/knew…  but sometimes seeing the proof or having it validated can still render shock, disgust and in this case grief.

I always wondered about the high rates of cancer and diabetes in my neighborhood, and in other Black neighborhoods.  These diseases are not inherent in people of African descent.

What makes it worse is that every elder in my family has died at the mercy of one of these diseases.  My mother passed from cancer at the young age of 59… as did every other elder on my floor in the co-op building we owned in Harlem.  I long believed environmental factors played a huge part in the mortality rate of my beloved Harlem residents… so to come across this  … as you can imagine, floored me and left me speechless.

There is a part of me that says “this can’t be true”, but the larger part of me, having grown up in the area, having seen the bad food sold to us ..(even the more affluent of us in Harlem) .. I have no choice but to acknowledge what I have known for years has been validated.

and no one cares…

The only thing I can do as an individual is share the knowledge and information.  If we get MAD enough collectively, raise our voices.. eventually we will be heard.  I hope.

Note: to see the full 2 hour presentation, please click here.


  • this is an overlayed voice video (that’s not that woman’s voice(old video new voice (plus watch the lips and the words) and diabetes is caused by 2 reasons 1-passed through genetics and 2 – lifestyle and eating choices … radioactivity would cause cancer, not diabetes (but this exact video also has another one with a woman’s voice overlayed that says the government gave them cancer). The government doesn’t deliver milk – Meadow Gold delivers their own milk, Viva delivers their own milk, and I don’t know of any dairies near Chernobyl?? LOL milk from Russia going to black neighborhoods …or 3 Mile Island – so you think every dairy company is delivering “different” milk to a black neighborhood as opposed to downtown NY? some people just want to find a reason to find offense even if it’s a hoax

  • In The Name of ALLAH Most Merciful &Most Compassionate, it is a shame that we as Asiatic people won’t help our selves.please do your homework quit listening to what these GRAY people are saying. Allah,has given you the wisdom to use your own brain.

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