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564456_10150708734669558_1452270502_nWe recently posted a clip of Nina Simone talking about why Black people are beautiful. She encouraged Black people to realize they are beautiful and why it is important for us to KNOW it.

Well Facebook didn’t agree.. they took the post down.  The explanation? The post violated “community standards”.

Understand – this is how the system of supremacy works.  How is it a violation to show our fans Nina Simone encouraging them to be proud of being Black, but not a violation to post “Nigga Be Like” videos (that are everywhere on Facebook that are direct copyright violations as they are taken from network TV) as well as pics of a dead Trayvon Martin being mocked and ridiculed.

It’s only when our self esteem is being built up, that Facebook takes issue with what is posted.

Take a look at the video and let us know: whose community was violated?






  • White media (TV, newspapers, magazines and Facebook) are merely propaganda tools for the powerful people who are determined to perpetuate the status quo; to keep in place white supremacist ideology and their place on top of this social, economic, political system. African Americans are deemed less intelligent than white Americans. African American beauty is not beauty unless it imitates white beauty (flowing long hair and light complexion). African Americans are not even Americans; they are the “others”. When there’s an image of “the American Dream,” the people in that image are not Black. If there’s a picture of an American family, that family is not African American. Facebook may be a favorite social media, but its ideology is racist. Facebook may block this comment, but Facebook can kiss my beautiful, black ____ (you fill in the blank).

  • This is very interesting, I will look into this further because I wrote the book on this kind of behavior. M y book “UNBEWEAVABLE”, deals with the erasing of the image of the Black African American Women by the Mass Media. Facebook , Google and all the other social medias should be watch for such reactions to black images. You can find my book on Amazon .com just search “Unbeweavable the book” If you see anymore such actions being taken against us again please send it to me so I can and will compile a list of offenses and I will publish them myself. Send it to my direct email at Oh yes, BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL..

  • That is rather interesting given the amount of negative images and depictions of Black people floating around daily on FB. Perhaps FB isn’t the problem. We will always be at the mercy of White media. Don’t get mad at Facebook. Perhaps we just need to create BlackBook.

    Take control of our images by creating our own outlets/business etc. Its full time we stopped relying on the ‘oppressor’ to do what is right, and take matters into our own hands through ownership. Build our own sh*t. Perhaps easier said than done, but not as difficult as we’d like to believe it is.

    Mr. SoBo

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