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ADULTERER : The Curious Case of the MLK Biopic and Controlling the Black Image

the revolution of the mind continues…

The MadMen debate Oliver Stone’s recent decision to walk away from directing the bipoic KING because the family refuses to let him use the “adultery” angle in the film.

Is the King family “hiding the truth” or are they right to do what many Black people don’t do .. Control the Image.
Who do we put a case on?

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  • I think if you, (Mr. Oliver Stone), are doing a life story…. It should be a Life story…. Just make sure to disclose Raul, whose real name is?… Introduce T.O. Jones , a great man whom started to protest the working condition of the sanitation workers back in 1963… I can go on and on….. Just turn the LIGHTS ON!

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