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Baby Mamma Drama: What REALLY Happens When A Father Goes For Visitation

20140108-124822.jpgIt is no secret, I am AGAINST the institution of child support and relying on the court to mediate your bad decision making. understand, that the court represents the interest of the STATE, not you or your child.

This young man, up against an unfair system and a bitter “baby momma” decided to document what he goes through each and every time he goes to pick up his son for visitation.  His name is Jeris Papj White.  he posted the video on facebook writing:

“I have the craziest baby momma in the world.  She constantly denies me the right to get my son.  There is nothing i can do except video tape this situation.  At the same time my son is the one who’s suffering and these folks in Florida is giving all these ratchetass women the power to be insensitive and cruel.  Please share this video so we can change the laws for men.  everytime I make an attempt to get my son i am going to post it on Facebook so i can have video proof”.

Skeptics would say Jeris gave his ratchetass baby momma the power when he hit it raw and made the baby.  It is no secret : men make very bad choices when it comes to protecting their semen. Now he is dealing with the consequences of poor dick control.

I do feel for the brother though.  He is actually trying to be with his son and be a father.  The mother is obviously bitter that her fairy tale didn’t work out the way she planned.  So she uses the child to get back at the father, and the courts could care less.

Jarvis is doing the right thing by documenting each and every experience.  It is the only way these fathers will get a fair shake.  he is USING HIS KNOWLEDGE OF THE EXISTING LAWS TO GAIN LEVERAGE TO CHANGE FUTURE LAWS  to the benefit of fathers everywhere.

kudos to you Jarvis!!!  You are a true MadMan and worthy of support in your fight.  Too many brothers are taking their own lives behind the stress of the child support system (which has been accused of human rights violations) and not being able to be the fathers they want to be.  Too many children grow up bitter and don’t understand how to resolve emotional conflict, because all they learned was how to fight, not resolve.

Please share this story, let’s get our brothers who are already in the system educated about the child support system, and finally we need to  persuade parents never to even CONSIDER using the system if they can help it.


  • This is a serious social problem that I feel feminists are only too eager to sweep under the carpet. Plenty of women still want traditional marriages, and they believe having the man’s baby is the way to do it. They’ve just forgotten that shotgun weddings are no longer a thing. Like you said, it’s the children who ultimately pay. Thanks for bringing attention to this dilemma. Poor choices on both sides of the gender divide.

  • For the sake of our children’s mental health, it is imperative that the system is overhauled. Sure, both men and make mistakes with regards to their reproductive organs, however this shouldn’t be exacerbated out of bitterness or any other reason not related to the well being of the child. It is a shame and absolutely disgusting that the system has been set up this way and continues to operate in such a fashion that is socially harmful.

    No court appointed official can or will say that these laws are fair or even right. Yet despite this acknowledgment, nothing is done. Its not for a lack of effort as there are many men’s rights groups that have and continue to challenge the system time and time again. Its perplexing that these laws (given as much scrutiny as they have been given) continue to exist as they are with only slight moderations from time to time. Its beyond absurd.

    Mr. SoBo

  • Way to go man. My bb mom is worse. I have my kid half time n pay for everything n she is trying to get me to pay for child support for her 2 other kids that are not mine. She bought a car she cannot afford n also 2 quad atvs n she wants me to pay for them. Im 4 years in court now because she is crazy n wont sign the court papers. The law must be changed

    • Why dont you get her served by a sheriff? It cost me $50 and my son’s father was forced to sign them bc they put a warrant for his arrest out.

  • I have a concern…
    I tried googling “bitter baby daddy drama” & only backlash against baby mamas (women) came up. Why is it always limited to women & no one talks about men when they act ridiculous about children.
    For example, a man & woman conceive a child & the man decides not to be there & a woman decides to cut him out of their lives for good & never goes to court. Then the man wakes up a year later & begins sending money & demands to see the child & the woman doesn’t refuse the bank transfers but refuses for the man to form a “seasonal” relationship with said child, what does that make her?
    Is she a “bitter baby mama” because she is standing by the man’s original commitment to abandon she & their child?
    No one is forcing the man to send money to them, but he does in hopes of using money to purchase his way back into their lives at his convenience not even theirs. Because he sends money he begins to feel entitled thus trying to make demands to the woman about the child as if he has some sort of right.
    In essence, money=child.
    Society is twisted in my opinion. There are things that people always sweep under the rug & that’s how much of a sacrifice women make when it comes to raising children. Usually there aren’t any mistakes made as most men like to hide behind. Usually they lie to women & tell them they want them to have their child & promise them marriage & when it happens they take off & start making false claims then the woman becomes the “psycho” because she wants justice…smh…
    No matter what, it’s always the woman in the wrong even when she’s doing everything to survive.
    Another issue, some men don’t want to let go of the women they trashed who have their children. So you’ll often find men who try to sabotage their baby mamas new relationships or marriages. What about that? Why doesn’t anyone talk about those situations? Once again usually trying to use money to do so…
    Women suffer a lot but no one ever wants to address that. It’s pretty messed up in my opinion.
    Men need to also make decisions. If you decide to walk away & abandon a child, you better be ready to stick with your decision & let that child be adopted by a man who actually wants the responsibility. Let that woman heal & move on.

  • I think it’s really unfair for anyone, including the court system. To only blame men for this unfortune. That leaves only kids to suffer from. Women should be at fault as well. Due to the facts of creation. She had a choice as well. Before the pregnancy, during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy. She as well was unprotected during sex. In my understanding. A woman should only have the right to file for child support if she was married to the man at the time of conceiving the child/children, and only if it’s proven that the child/children belong to the husband. Being a baby momma, should only give a woman the right to look shameful. That would put a end to this ignorance and madness, and mistreatment of children. As well as the court system. Child support has become an independent business. Making money at the expense of children. With no regards to the effects it leaves on the child. The courts as well, partake in this cruel deception to children. Men that claim to be single with the fathering to one or more children. Are immediately looked upon as a check for the child/children. It is said that women don’t lay down and have children on their own. It should also be said, that women shouldn’t lay down be marriage or they will be left to deal with their mistakes as well. Paying child support isn’t a must, but going to jail behind not paying child support; is a must. Seems to me. The court system gets paid either way it goes. They get a percentage of the child support payments. As well as payment for the person going to jail under their ruling.

  • In regards to”Anonymous Mum”, with great respect for your opinion. You asked,”why”, with a lot of concern towards the conduct of men. In everyone of those cases. The man is dealt with, by command from the woman.You must be over looking that part. Just like women. Men get abused, wrapped, betrayed, and lied to. The difference between that is, men get looked at as being to masculine to have such things occur. When I got custody of my daughter. The first thing the attorney general told me when I allowed my daughter’s Mom to hold her in court. Was, get your baby away from her, you have the control now, do what women do, leave the state, don’t give any information, take whatever she gives you and still keep her from seeing “your” child, and have her locked up if she misses a payment. This was a female attorney that said all this. Directly in front of my daughter’s Mom. That let me know. The courts not only know these things, but they also allow such things to go on. If you’re not going to let the other parent see their child regardless of their mistake in denying the child. Then don’t take any form of money as well. Cutting off all ties, means just that; cut off all ties. When children grow up and ask the question: where were you at all my life. You don’t want to be part of the answer, meaning: well your Mom knew, because she was taking payments from me; but wouldn’t let me see you. That part right there. Gives you fault in the matter.

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