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7 Ways the Corporations Are Playing You…

Bred to consume

in today’s GTFOHWTBS and Bad Policy news

You are being played MadMen.  Big time.  While the mainstream media spends it’s time enforcing images that make us hate and fear each other, they are committing the most egregious crimes.

I cam e across this list today on “Common Dreams”… while the list is theirs, the commentary under the bullets are mine.  Just to make it a bit more relatable to us everyday joes.

So here are the people that are playing you for a fool:

1. Corporations Profit from Food Stamps

The real: JP Morgan Chase, Xerox and eFunds Corp collects a fee every time you swipe your EBT card. Their sole objective it to get MORE people on food stamps and lobby for ways to make that happen. they are also paid subsidies via tax money (your money) for services that could be covered by a government employee (your uncle that just got laid off his government job due to “cutbacks”)

What they tell you : The news media floods your tv’s with stories of welfare fraud abuse and how people on SNAP use their funds to buy lobster and shrimp.  how dare they eat for one day out of the month the same foods the corporation get to eat every day?

2. Crash the Economy, Get Your Money Back. Die with a Student Loan, Stay in Debt.

The real : Banks are too big to fail.  The Bailout was touted as the duty of every American to save our country from the brink of disaster.  But who would bail you out?  where is the special program for you?  Everything you paid for in college is now free on the internet…but yet you will die owing thousands in debt for a useless education. You can’t even include it on a bankruptcy.  The banks and the feds made sure of that.  Even after you die, you will continue to be enslaved.

What they tell you: The news media is eerily quiet on this topic.  Oh there might be a blurb about some politician asking to lower the interest rates on the loans, but no real conversation about the bailout so desperately needed for the Americans drowning under the weight.  All because they believed with all their heart that the education was priced at it’s true value.  Like they say.. if we don’t take about it, no one will notice.

3. Almost 70% of Corporations Are Not Required to Pay ANY Federal Taxes

The real: We all now this one.  The only people that pay taxes in the US are the poor and middle class.  We pay the taxes, we work at the same corporations, we collect the pittance that they give us (with their profits built on our labor), and then force us to spend it with other corporations that have corned the market on the necessities of life.  The had a name for it back in the day.. it was call “indentured servitude”.  Google it.

What they tell you: Not a damn thing.  Again.  Speak no evil. Hear no evil.  besides… elections aren’t won by going against the corporations.

4. Lotteries Pay for Corporate Tax Avoidance

The Real : Most people don’t understand that playing the lottery is literally throwing money away.  i creates a source of cheap free non taxable revenue for corporations.  The taxes “collected” are not redistributed amongst the counties and towns that participate. Can you imagine what our world would look like if every lottery actually benefitted its community … one winner, and the “taxes” distributed to schools and social programs to enrich the community?  No instead, the poorest residents pool all their money together and just give it away in the hopes that they could win and move away from their other poor brothers and sisters.  Some selfish sick shyt.

What they tell you : All it takes is a dollar and a dream.

5. The National Football League Pays No Federal Taxes

The real : The CEO’s of your favorite football team laughs at you.  While you argue over the stats and spend your hard earned money on tickets, jerseys, hats, and sometimes pay-per-views, the very organizations you root for collect money from you to operate as well.

See they are tax exempt.  No property taxes like you have to pay.  No tax to build a new stadium with leather seats (that you can’t afford to sit in by the way).  No tax on all the income they generate from your support.  The community? What owner uses the revenue to uplift the state they represent.  No … they put it on the players to go out and be charitable.

What they tell you : Nothing. Except what player shot himself or had baby momma drama or was arrested on gun charges.  You don’t get to see the wizards behind the curtain.

6. Live on Park Avenue, Get a Farm Subsidy

The real: Had to use a direct quote on this one, cause I couldn’t believe it myself.

  • In New York, “Many entities receive the federal subsidies at their downtown office buildings, such as 30 Rockefeller Plaza, or at their million dollar residential condos.”

  • In Chicago, “Nearly every neighborhood in the city receives federal farm subsidy payments – including the Gold Coast, Downtown-Loop, Lincoln Park, and even the President’s neighbors in Hyde Park.”

  • In Washington, “Even U.S. Senators are receiving farm subsidy checks.”

I wonder what would happen if the residents of all the housing projects applied for “farm subsidies” too?  Corporations are the biggest social welfare recipients in the United States.

What they tell you : Only poor whites and minorities receive welfare.

7. Profit Margin Magic: Turning a dollar into $100,000

The Real: Best example ever ….. you PAY FOR WATER.  When I was growing up, this was unfathomable.  Now it is normal.  Your tap water has become SO polluted (in some areas) that you have to pay for CLEAN or FILTERED water (so they say).

As you read this, plans are underway to see if they can make you pay for air.  The pollutants in some cities are now so toxic, that charing people for air (instead of reducing the pollution cause it would cut into profits) is actually being considered.

What they tell you : You are in full consumerism mode. That which is a natural free resource has become a competition that we are all too willing to participate in. Which is better, mountain or spring water? You have bargain water (Poland spring) and Luxury water (Voss) .. GTFOHWTBS… our forefathers would turn in their graves at the thought of “luxury” water.  But we pay for it  in the billions.


  • This is interesting. I wish more people knew about this! However, if you want your blog to be taken seriously, you must spell check, etc… But this is some good info 🙂

  • This is interesting. I wish more people knew about this! However, if you want your blog to be taken seriously, you must spell check, etc… But this is some good info 🙂

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