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Lonely Girl No More : The Curious Case of Polygamy and the Single Female

the revolution of the mind continues…

Deb Cooper says : “With Black men rejecting both religion and the commitments of marriage, why the interest in and push for polygamous marriages?

Black men across the United States repeatedly state that monogamy is counter to their nature and that through marriage, women attempt to control and limit male sexuality. Other men say that polygamous unions would be a way to resolve the issue of high rate of single black women in the U.S., to ensure that children have fathers around, and to curtail cheating.

Surprisingly, there are growing numbers of African American women that agree with this position, and share their opinion that polygamous marriages should be made legal in the United States.

Is polygyny really a viable option for American black families and single black women, or is it nothing but a new pimp game women and the latest pussy hustle?”

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