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Israel Declares Hunting Season On African Refugees : Racism or Justified Nationalism

in today’s Bad policy and GTFOWTBS news…

huntingThis MadMan has often posted commentary about the unfair treatment of African refugees in Israel (which ironically is IN AFRICA – but i digress).

It honestly disgusts me.  Especially when the US provides SO much aid to Israel.  Especially since the US is always beating it’s chest as the world police protecting the world and punishing nations who commit crimes against humanity with sanctions and trade embargoes.

The last I checked, bombing churches and schools with children in them, beating people in the street, openly discriminating in a racist manner is against our nations policy.  But yet in still, our AFRICAN president allows this behavior to go unchecked, without even a mention.  He even meets with the Israeli president to discuss arms and financial support.. but never makes it conditional in order to stop the atrocities happening against Black people on their own continent.

In Israel’s defense (if there is one), I do understand their need for a nation of their own. Since biblical times, the Israeli nation has fought against internationalism as they thought it would not be profitable for their nation.  This proved true for them in around 722 BCE when the Northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria creating the “ten lost tribes of Israel”.

So after that history and thereafter being put into a position of either assimilation or vassalage, the Israelites developed a policy of hostility to ANY foreign entity (unless it was to the benefit of Israel and Israel only).  So in essence it doesn’t matter who you are… Black, red, white or green… Israel would want you cast out.

But does being butt-hurt over lost wars justify the horrible treatment of Africans… who are blameless in Israel’s past?  Who actually came in and BUILT the infrastructure of the country as it stands today?

And isn’t being Jewish a religion and not a race? Which means it should be open to all men?  The spirit of the Israelites is rank with hypocrisy.  Yeah I said it.  We can all understand wanting to preserve your culture, but murdering people and denying them their dignity to preserve a state is a crime.

Hey Israel.. last I checked this earth belongs to everyone.  Going all nazi on a people that mean you no harm is some foul BS especially since ya’ll didn’t like it when Hitler did it to your peoples over in Germany.  How can you decry Hitler, but perform his same atrocities for the same reasons….??? It makes you NO DIFFERENT.

Watch the video below and get an idea of just how bad it is over in the promised land right now.  The Afrophobia is real son.

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