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ASSURED EXTINCTION : 5 Reasons the Black Man is SEEN as Irrelevant

the revolution of the mind continues…

1002594_10151781658204522_771577036_nthere is a debating brewing… about the future of the Black Man.  Don Lemon, a CNN anchor brought the debate front and center after agreeing with a FOX news mouthpiece Bill O’Reilly about the conditions of the Black community and how personal accountability is the key to a turn-around.

Based in white privilege, their admonishment came across as self-serving and detrimental; and neither addressed the ROOT of these problems which are but a symptom of a larger societal disease.

An article in went a step further and called out the words most participants in this in the debate have known for awhile now… Black Men are being socially exterminated.  After reading the article, this MadMan came up with 5 points relating to Darwin’s theory of Evolution that spoke to the original thesis of the “looming” extinction of the Black Man.

1.  Mass Incarceration – for every male that is taken out of the community,  it also takes his “seed” out of circulation. The Black Man’s history in this country has never been that of one in a position of power.  So, it stands to reason that the criminal justice system would continue to enforce this powerlessness.  As much as we like to tout the “overthrow” of the system, this is but a pipe dream. The military, the NSA, Homeland Security and every other agency that was designed to keep slaves in their place will squelch any violent resistance.  The only way to change that system is from within…and that is a hard pill to swallow  The reason being is that too many of us have to die and be imprisoned while the system slowly grows a heart.  The fear is that by the time we are able to reverse this cruel reality, our numbers will be irrevocably decimated.

2. Forced Independent Syndrome in Black Women – it is said the ego of the Black woman is out of control.  Better educated and having increased financial stability has caused many to say the Black woman has adopted the view of “SHE who makes the money makes the rules”. This dangerous philosophy encourages selfishness and takes away the primary foundation of the family …  love … and debases it for money.  Add this to the hurt ego of the Black Male (who is now seen as a broke loser) and you have a recipe for disaster. It ensures annihilation,  as the women look elsewhere for “suitable mates” that match her European education level and bank account.

3. The Gay Agenda – As more and more people defy their gender assignments, Black people are now having to face the reality that we have lost a large contingent of the traditional family to same sex partnerships.  It has always existed, and the community has always collectively turned a blind eye (especially in church), but in a country where choice is embraced, we see the god given right to be happy with whomever we choose as a double-edged sword. So sensitive is the air about this topic, you can neither be for or against it…. while it exists, the number is over inflated causing widespread fear mongering and prejudice that sends Black women back to point 2 (above) and 4 (below) in droves.

4. Fanatical Religious Followers – The easiest way to conquer a people is to make their enemy their God.  It assures that independent thought is stifled. It does not allow for the questioning of authority for the collective good and progression of the mind.  It allows people to “think” they have a leg up on their brother or sister, it allows judgement and divides the Black community like no other tool ever used. All the while keeping the populace subjugated.

5. Belief that the Black Man abandons his family  – blame this on the media and then blame everyone for believing it.  EVERY RACE has familial relationships that did not work out between the mother and father – but it does not negate the love a mother or father has for their children.  The Black man HAS PROVEN to be an effective father whether he resides in the home or outside of it just like any other race.   We destroy ourselves by believing and feeding into the propaganda fed to us on a daily basis through commercial media and our private conversations.

These 5 points can ALL be reversed very simply by internal reflection, a purposeful change in attitude and the way we see ourselves. In order to be acknowledged as relevant, we must first combat the thinking and attitudes that define us as irrelevant. While this list is by no means meant to be comprehensive, it is the beginning of a larger conversation / debate that needs to occur.

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