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Reparations!!! Caribbean Nations Band Together To Sue European Nations For The Legacy of Slavery and Colonialism

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Reparations2The Heads of Government for the Caribbean Nations (CARICOM) issued a press release this month saying they have decided to move forward with a joint effort to hold the European nations accountable for the stolen wealth obtained through slavery and colonialism.

The National Reparations Committee consists of the following nations : Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Prime Minister Spencer Baldwin Spencer said reparations is important to the continuing development strategy of the Caribbean community, as slavery stagnated growth and economic resources.

“We know that our constant search and struggle for development resources is linked directly to the historical inability of our nations to accumulate wealth from the efforts of our peoples during slavery and colonialism. These nations that have been the major producers of wealth for the European slave-owning economies during the enslavement and colonial periods entered Independence with dependency straddling their economic, cultural, social and even political lives”, Prime Minister Spencer said.

“We, as political leaders, must encourage our various reparation agencies to continue the education of our Caribbean people and our Diaspora, and enhance their awareness of the reparations issue. It is important that there is solid people and multi-party support for our efforts and we must impress on our colleagues in both Government and Opposition that this is not an issue we should use as party-politics fodder. Our various reparation organizations must see the forging of bi-partisan political support and civil society consensus for reparations as one of their main objectives,”.

This is a HUGE move in the fight to remove the some of mental shackles of the effects of slavery.  Blacks in America have been calling for a unified movement to address the painful and long history of slavery, to no avail, with no help from the so called “Black leaders” and intellectuals.  As a displaced African, now known as an African-American, i stand behind my Africans brothers and sisters that were displaced into the Caribbean.  I only hope at some point, we can find a way to join their cause and demand just for ALL our ancestors scattered  across the continents.

In a paper detailing the legal basis of Reparations for all displaced Africans, Lord Anthony Gifford, British Queens Counsel and Jamaican Attorney-at-Law made the following points showing reparations can be legally pursued due to the following….

1. The enslavement of Africans was a crime against humanity

2. International law recognises that those who commit crimes against humanity must make reparation

3. There is no legal, barrier to prevent those who still suffer the consequences of crimes against humanity from claiming reparations, even though the crimes were committed against their ancestors

4. The claim would be brought on behalf of all Africans, in Africa and in the Diaspora, who suffer the consequences of the crime, through the agency of an appropriate representative body

5. The claim would be brought against the governments of those counties which promoted and were enriched by the African slave trade and the institution of slavery

6. The amount of the claim would be assessed by experts in each aspect of life and in each region, affected by the institution of slavery

7. The claim, if not settled by agreement, would ultimately be determined by a special international tribunal recognised by all parties

I am curious to know how the European Nations named will respond to the suit and demand for justice.  While a monetary amount has not been publicized to date, I am sure there will be many many detractors who will say that this is not the solution … but my question is this… why was it the solution for all other groups but for the displaced African?

It will be interesting to see how this plays out and what legal basis it will present for African-Americans to join the fight.

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