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Actual Tests Black Voters Had To Pass in 1960 To Vote


Below is an actual “literacy test” given to black voters by the state of Louisiana in the 1960s.

The test was to be taken in 10 minutes flat, and a single wrong answer meant a failing grade.”

Reading the test makes my blood boil as I know for a FACT that the majority of white voters in Louisiana in 1960 couldn’t get past the first two questions.

Another thing… 1960 was NOT LONG AGO. With the Supreme Court striking down the voting rights act, it opens the door for this type of foolishness again.

I hope that this time, however, we are all educated and mad enough to stop any silliness like this before it happens…. Again.

Shouts out to Slate magazine for sharing the history lesson.





  • Audreay, all I have to say is that dummies apparently wrote this “Literacy Test”.

  • this is so crazy. thank you for posting this. it really gives you a perspective on the literacy tests that you can’t get by just talking about them. it resembles something more like a test you’d take as part of an ultra difficult game or something. it barely resembles anything having to do with “literacy.” regardless, doesn’t even address the assumption that people who aren’t “literate” still deserve a voice.

    it’s always these insidious forms of oppression that are the worst. the ones that look ostensibly like something good–i.e., “we just want to make sure people who have passed the fifth grade vote!” when the real purpose is much more sinister. in an ostensibly free society, these are the only forms of oppression that can exist, and they’re very nasty, and very hard to root out. much like the redlining and other crap that contributes to the “ghettoization” of parts of the United States now.

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