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White Jesus Fail : Pope Had $23 Million Dollars Invested in Europe’s Biggest Gay Suana

White Jesus approves this message

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS” and “that shyt don’t match” news….

priestBoy..oh boy Catholic church… you just LOVE making this easy for me right? Seriously…

When I got the report that the Holy See purchased / invested in all the apartments around this well known “gay hot spot”, I literally fell out in my chair.

Now that the news is out, the robed bearers of the legacy of christ are “horrified” to “learn” that this is going on.

FOH…you KNEW DAMN WELL what was going on and wanted to keep it hush… that is why you bought up all the apartments…

what happens on Vatican property STAYS on Vatican property.

Well somebody dropped dime and all the Cardinals and Priests are all flustered and wiping their sweaty brows.

And since the property is recognized as  church property, all of it (and the sexual activity) is tax free…

Jesus would be SO proud.  Who cares about the poor?  Millions MUST be spent on apartments to hide the gay sex of the clergy!

The Independent Reports:

The sauna’s website promotes one of its special “bear nights”, with a video in which a rotund, hairy man strips down before changing into a priest’s outfit. It says Bruno, “a hairy, overweight pastor of souls, is free to the music of his clergyman, remaining in a thong, because he wants to expose body and soul”.

There was further embarrassment for the Holy See when the press observed that thanks to generous tax breaks it received from the last Berlusconi government,  the church will have avoided hefty payments to the Italian state. The properties are recognised as part of the Holy City.


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