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Throw Momma From The Train : 82 YR Old Woman Tossed From MetroRail For Singing Gospel

in today’s “Bad Policy” and GTFOHWTBS news…

grandmaReally? What has the world come to when you can’t sing to yourself in public? What has the world come to when an elderly Black grandmother is thrown to the floor out of a train for JUST SINGING to herself by a White man?

Somebody needs to put a case on the security guard caught on film. While we understand the “rules of travel”… one should use common sense and take each matter case by case. What is to gain by tossing this old woman like that and making her eat gravel? Does it make you feel more like a man?

The fact that the MetroRail is sorta of back ing this guy is even worse. I hope her family sues the SHIT outta the rail company …

MadMen in Miami-Dade… I feel for you all… they hate your Black asses down there. But take every opportunity to speak out against every injustice done and SUE THEM until it is a financial burden for them to continuously treat you like fodder.

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