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7 Year Old Causes Havoc!!! Says: “I Wanted To Do HoodRat Stuff With My Friends”

In today’s “WHO RAISED YOU???” news…

20130305-131825.jpgThis little fat bad ass kid make my uterus hurt.  I am so mad at this I can’t even form a coherent sentence…

from the boy’s weight, to his mentality, to him “being mad at his mom”, to him just taking the keys and wanting to do “hoodrat things”, to him asking the police officer if his MOTHER could help pay for all the damage – clearly showing he feels entitled enough not to have to take responsibility for all the damage he caused….

OH!  I am THROUGH with this shit.

So many people to put cases on here :

  • the kid
  • the mother
  • the father
  • the grandmother
  • the cops
  • the other little bad ass kid he rolls with that smokes cigarettes (and his parents)

Who do you think should get a case put on them for this foolishness???

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