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The Last Man Standing Falls Down : Kevin Hart Dons Dress For SNL – Collective Groan Heard Throughout the Black Community

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I’m on a roll today, so I figured I’d post on this and get this out of the way.

Kevin Hart is funny.  He is becoming a comedy icon.  His last “right of passage” took place when he hosted Saturday Night Live.

The Black community was buzzing with the news, that funny Kev… the comedian we all could relate to, would be on SNL.

Like the Presidency, the community took it as a huge come-up.  Smiles danced across the lips of Black people everywhere as plans for Saturday night were discussed.

“ know Kevin Hart is gonna be on Saturday night Live right?”

“Say word.. Love me some Kev… I got the DVR set up already son!”

It was almost like when we were little and Eddie Murphy would make his appearance on the show… there is a certain energy around Kevin that we can’t explain.  We see his greatness.

Then… Saturday happened.  Silence followed by a collective groan hit the internet immediately when Kev came out in drag.

There has been an undercurrent of conversation in the Black community about Hollywood feminizing Black men.  It seems you can’t make it if you don’t show your willingness to don a dress and coon for the amusement of the puppeteers.

Some of the questions that crossed my mind…

  • Why is it necessary to cross dress in Hollywood?  What is so appealing to Hollywood execs about Black men in dresses?
  • Why isn’t the gay community offended by this mockery?  Gender assignment is an emotional hurdle for most, and some don’t make it (suicide rates are high among the transgendered)
  • Why are Black men so willing to compromise their manhood for a check?
  • When does it stop being comedy … hell the skit wasn’t even funny … AT ALL.
  • Didn’t Kevin Hart listen to ANYTHING Dave Chappelle said on how Hollywood WANTS to feminize men?  Even if you don’t buy into it, at least be man enough To say … “Listen you muthafuckers…I’m am man. Respect these nuts and the people who actually can’t be who they are cause of dumb shit like this.  How about actually HIRING the Black actress I’m supposed to be imitating???????”

Watch the clip below and share with this MadMan your thoughts… comedy or tragedy?

Here is Dave Chappelle on the subject ….

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