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We Fell Off The Fiscal Cliff – What The “Sequestor” Means in Layman Terms

in today’s “bad policy” news…

130218074112-spending-cuts-620xaNo matter how the politicians bicker and fight, the real truth is that none of the cuts imposed will effect them directly.  It will effect the everyday person

Here is a sampling reblogged from CNN Money that will give you, the regular MadMan, an idea of how your life will be interrupted because the politicians want to measure their d*cks instead of solving the nations overspending problem.

Also… if you want some background on how these things typically work out.. check out what happened in countries where strict “austerity” measures were passed…

“These 57 are a somewhat random sampling of what could happen on March 1. (Read this but please also check out my calendar of “fiscal cliff crazy” and new FAQ on the sequester.)” – CNN Money


  • All FBI workers furloughed for up to 14 days
  • More than 36,000 Bureau of Prisons workers furloughed for average of 12 days
  • 5,100 Marshals Service workers furloughed for up to 13 days
  • Increased safety risk for prison inmates and staff
  • Fewer firearms inspections


  • Up to 46,000 temporary workers laid off
  • Up to 800,000 full-time civilian workers furloughed for up to 22 days
  • Training curtailed
  • Ship, aircraft, weapons-systems and facilities maintenance curbed
  • Reduced readiness for two-thirds of active Army brigade combat teams and most Air Force flying units


  • Up to 70,000 kids lose access to Head Start programs
  • More than 14,000 teachers and staff laid off
  • Cuts in support for up to 1.2 million disadvantaged students
  • 33,000 fewer students on work-study
  • 71,000 fewer recipients of supplemental grants


  • Reduced oversight and audits of Energy Department nuclear facilities
  • Delayed cleanup of Cold War nuclear weapons sites
  • Curtailed operation at basic science labs
  • Slowdown in development of oil, gas and coal on federal land and water


  • Cuts to foreign and humanitarian aid
  • Reduced ability to help Americans abroad
  • Constraints on counter-terrorism efforts


  • Nationwide shutdown of meat and poultry plants for up to 15 days
  • 2,100 fewer FDA safety inspections of food manufacturers
  • Increased risk of wildfires
  • 1,200 fewer inspections of dangerous workplaces
  • Up to 91,000 lose access to substance abuse treatment
  • 424,000 fewer HIV tests


  • Many frontline law enforcement personnel furloughed for up to 14 days
  • Reduced border security
  • Scaled back cyber security protection of infrastructure


  • 100,000 removed from housing and emergency shelter programs
  • 125,000 may lose benefits from Housing Choice Voucher program
  • 75,000 fewer households get foreclosure prevention, rental, pre-purchase counseling
  • Deferred maintenance and repairs in public housing


  • Training centers for low-income youth may be closed
  • More than 1 million fewer people get help finding a job


  • Reduced hours and services at national parks, refuges and public lands
  • 128 refuges to close or eliminate programs


  • Unemployment benefits cut by up to 9.4%
  • 4 million fewer meals to seniors
  • $160 million cut from state grants to help the disabled get work
  • Cuts to Native American programs, including those aiding neediest
  • 300,000 women and children lose food aid
  • Up to 30,000 kids lose child care services


  • 1,500 temporary Social Security Administration workers let go
  • Loss through attrition of over 5,000 workers
  • Delays for visitors at field offices and 800-number callers
  • 2-week delays for initial disability claims decisions


  • Delays in getting answers to tax questions
  • Fewer tax return reviews
  • Reduced capacity to detect and prevent fraud
  • Fewer counter-terrorism and anti-laundering investigations


  • Increased wait times at airports
  • Delays in visa processing by State Department
  • Reduced air traffic
  • Delays and disruptions during summer travel

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