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Israel Goes “JIM CROW” and Begins A Segregated Bus System To Separate Palestinians From Jews

in today’s “GTFOHWTBS”,  “Bad Policy”  and “that shyt don’t match” news….

Disturbing news out of Israel…

israel-launches-palestinians-only-buses.siCiting “security concerns”, the Israeli government has begun the practice of segregation, to distance themselves from the Palestinians.  Last year, a ruckus was raised when Israeli police began forcibly removing Palestinians off buses so the Jewish settlers would not feel “threatened” .

Those action cause a human right outcry and in true racist fashion, a new “policy” came into effect.. a bus line for colored Palestinians only…. yea… we know..

Ironic huh?  They say if a hero lives long enough eventually he will be come a villain.  The plight of the jews has dominated religious and historical folklore for the past century.  Tears were cried at the thought of the Holocaust, of poor “Ann Frank”, of the bigoted treatment, Schindler’s List, etc.  and now we see that it is all subjective.

These Jews would throw the Palestinians into the ovens faster than Hitler did their ancestors and probably with more fevor.  How soon we forget where we came from.  For a religion ..(and make no mistake “Jew” is a religion… not a race), it is most hypocritical.

Being an American, I can not help but sympathize with the Palestinians (yea i said it), as I watch history repeat itself.  The plight of the Palestinians are similar to that of American Blacks. the school bombings, the ostracizing, and now the segregation…and we all know what comes next …

How any “Jew” can stand aside and watch these atrocities happen to fellow humans and not pull the coattails of their brethren is confounding,MIDEAST-ISRAEL-PALESTINIAN-CLASHES

RT spoke with bus drivers in the region for what their directives are :  “We are not allowed to refuse service and we will not order anyone to get off the bus, but from what we were told, starting next week, there will be checks at the checkpoint, and Palestinians will be asked to board their own buses,”

The official reason for introducing new bus lines is that the existing “mixed” ones are overcrowded and conflict-prone. Around 30,000 Palestinians work in Israel and have to travel there every day.

Plans to put them on separate bus lines were first announced in November 2012, following several episodes of police taking Palestinian laborers off buses from Tel Aviv to the West Bank. The police acted on complaints from Jewish settlers, who claimed that Palestinians posed a security threat by riding the same buses as them.”

Personally, all this confuses me, as the American Jews I interact with are so far removed from any instance of racism, that reports like these clearly makes them uncomfortable. The war between the Arab and Israelite is more convoluted than many of us will ever understand (even amongst the warring parties) but at what point do you realize that you are violating the basic human rights of others and move to stop it???

You know it’s bad when even the Jews who live  IN the settlements say it’s becoming an apartheid state… SMH.

You Israelites need to knock it off.

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