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Christopher Dorner’s Long History of Complaints Against the LAPD : LAPD DOCUMENTS RELEASED

the revolution of the mind continues:

Christopher Dorner, by the looks of it, tried repeatedly to go through “the system” to seek justice before taking matters into his own hands.

You can read through the documents at the links below:

Dorner v LAPD Court Case

Court Documents

Petition for Writ of Mandamus (Robin says this is the document where Dorner asks the court to review LAPD’s Board of Review’s decision to terminate him):

Dorner v LAPD Apr2009

Dorner Board Selection Form

Dorner Application for Hearing LAPD

Dorner Power of Attorney

Dorner Board of Rights Time Waiver

Dorner Notice to Employee Representative

Dorner Substitution of Defense Counsel

Dorner Person Summary

Dorner LAPD Complaint Form

Dorner Interdepartmental Correspondence Jun2008

Dorner Interdepartmental Correspondence Oct2008

Dorner Addenda

Dorner Decision of the Board of Rights and Execution of the Order

Dorner Case Summary LA Sup Court

Dorner Board of Rights Appointment

Dorner Interdepartmental Correspondence Jul2008

Dorner Discovery Request Form

Appellate Court Decision

Dorner v LAPD Appeal Oct2011

Other Documents

Dorner v LAPD Attorney Change Oct2010

Dorner v LAPD Appeal Notice Aug2010

Dorner v City of Los Angeles Judgement May2010

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