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Students Told to Create A Business Plan To Learn How To Profit From Enslaving Blacks. Old Methods Taught Anew

in today’s GTFOHWTBS News….

Queen Elizabeth's Girl's School
Queen Elizabeth’s Girl’s School

So apparently all the marching, protesting and having a Black President will not stop whites from teaching about how to profit off the enslavement of Black people.

Students at the Queen Elizabeth School (no surprise there) have been learning how to sell and buy black people for years.  Devise a good enough business plan on how to traffic human life and you get a good score.  Have an “affair with a beautiful African slave girl” to turn extra profit and you will probably get an A.  And no, I am not being sarcastic and I did not make that part up.  That is ACTUALLY in the curriculum.

Students are also rewarded paints based on how effectively they can capture and imprison slaves without going over budget.

How did this all come to light after many years being taught to wide -eyed white children?  One student, who is Black (and from what we gather the only Black in the class) decided to tell ’em why she was mad son and informed her mother about the degrading exercise.

The mother, took the issue to the Pan African human rights group Ligali who immediately put a case on the ass of the Queen Elizabeth School. Ligali reviewed the course and found it to be “morally repugnant, insensitive and disrespectful“.

The school, suddenly got amnesia, and quickly began pointing fingers at the teacher saying “we had no idea“, “it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to humiliate or denigrate” and the exercise “demonstrates a lack of empathy for people’s heritage“. *blank stare*

white people.

Now I as a MadMan, see all this as some fraggle-nackle BS simply because the school had been performing this exercise since 2010.  The blatant lie told by the headmaster/principal is obvious as the curriculum was used by many teachers at the school.

Let’s be real.  The school is named after the monarchy for a reason.  We all know the crown earned the majority of it’s wealth from the slave trade.  We all know Blacks are still seen as horses, mules and property, not human beings.

I guess they figured why let good business practices go to waste?  But here’s the thing.

Black people are mad as hell are not taking it anymore.  You may not like blacks, but you WILL respect them.

After Ligali put a case on that ass, the school issued an apology and fired a teacher to save face.

We never will be able to erase prejudice, but we WILL hold you accountable for prejudicial actions.

We hope the mother removed her child from that school – you will never win if your enemy is your teacher.

let that last line sink in….


  • So, as a countermeasure, just in case they were truly serious and already have a three-year headstart on us, are we going to teach “our” children how to design business plans for profit from white enslavement??!!

    • Good question. But you know the answer. The majority of Blacks will continue to believe that these are isolated incidents and do not understand that our schools are designed to make sure our children fail. Occasionally we get to peek behind the wizards curtain and see what is really going on (as in this case), but it will be forgotten about. Most wont even read the story because they will have to confront the truth. They will actually have to DO something. They will have to confront. And sad to say, most of us would rather be slaves than stand up for freedom of mind and body.

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